As the trailers for the next episode used to tease, there's 'unmissable drama' in Neighbours this week as stalker Scarlett Brady (Christie Whelan Brown) comes out of hiding to wreck the wedding of Ned Willis (Ben Hall) and Yashvi Rebecchi (Olivia Junkeer) - except it's not a real wedding. Bear with us…


The terrifying climax to the explosive storyline spells danger not just for Ned, but other unsuspecting Ramsay Street residents, plus Pierce Greyson does an about face - literally, as Tim Robards is replaced by Don Hany in the role, and there's a huge shock for Jane Harris (Annie Jones).

Here are all your Neighbours spoilers for 9th - 13th November 2020.

Terese kills Kyle?

neighbours terese willis

Scarlett skulks in the shadows ready to take out her enemies one by one, only for part one of her potty plan to unravel when Terese Willis (Rebekah Elmaloglou) borrows the van belonging to Bea Nilsson (Bonnie Anderson) unaware it's been booby-trapped.

Inexplicably losing control of the steering, shaken Terese ploughs into Kyle Canning (Chris Milligan), who thankfully survives the collision. Canny cop Levi Canning (Richie Morris) investigates and deduces the vehicle was deliberately sabotaged, with Bea the intended target. Sniffing Scarlett's handiwork, Levi learns Ms Brady's parents died in a similar accident with the specifics matching the tampering of Bea's van - finally, the authorities start to believe Ned's nemesis faked her death and has more menacing antics up her sleeve…

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Scarlett's plan is rumbled

neighbours terese willis bea nilssen kyle canning

Despite Kyle's brush with death prompting Levi to join Ned, Vi and Bea in their crusade to prove Scarlett is framing Mr Willis for a non-existent murder, the rest of Erinsborough's constabulary are still not convinced. Have they not been watching the show for the last few weeks?!

The quartet take it upon themselves to hatch a plan to lure Scarlett out of her hiding place (she's only in the Hive, how hard are they looking?) but even Ned is not sure when his girlfriend comes up with a truly crackers idea - hold a fake wedding ceremony sure to ignite Scarlett's jealousy so she shows up uninvited. And probably not clutching a congratulations card and John Lewis gift voucher.

Ned and Yashvi's fake wedding

neighbours ned willis yashvi rebecchi

The big day comes, except it's not a big day it's a big scam. Vi shuts down Ned's uncertainty and insists this is the only way to flush his tormentor out and get closure. Of course, there's a genuine emotional undercurrent as the couple exchange their pretend vows - is this a dry run for the real thing?

We'd love to see them tie the knot and get wed for real one day, but they'll have to survive the sham nuptials first and that could be wishful thinking. As expected, Scarlett does indeed storm the romantic ruse ready to stop it from happening so she can have the groom all to herself. It's then that events take a truly unexpected turn…

Scarlett dead?

neighbours scarlett brady

If you think this truly demented, but delicious, storyline has kept you guessing so far then brace yourselves - sicko Scarlett's obsession with Ned proves to be her undoing when the plan to expose her spirals out of control, and she's left with devastating injuries. Doesn't look like Ned's nightmare is over just yet. Make no mistake, this is not a Scott and Charlene style Ramsay Street wedding…

Elsewhere on Neighbours

Neighbours Pierce Greyson recast
  • Dipi Rebecchi (Sharon Johal) is so fed up with husband Shane Rebecchi (Nicholas Coghlan) and his uninspired attempts to restore their marital spark, she feels no regret about sleeping with fancy man Pierce and the pair's fling gets more serious. But will she notice her secret lover changes his face between Monday and Thursday's episode, as Tim Robards bows out and Don Hany enters stage right? In real life the original actor was forced to bow out earlier than planned to be at his pregnant wife's side in Sydney - travel restrictions in Neighbours' home city of Melbourne during the city's summer lockdown could've meant Robards missed the birth of his baby. Hany is seeing out the character's exit, which will surely come about as a result of Pierce and Dipi's affair.
  • The bridges that have been built so carefully between Jane and estranged daughter Nicolette Stone (Charlotte Chimes) are in danger of collapsing this week. Jane learns Nic was visiting the UK when her beloved gran, late legend Mrs Mangel, passed away. Not only that, but the pair had a hitherto-undiscussed heated confrontation that may well have contributed to the old battle-axe's passing… Did Nicolette actually kill Mrs Mangel?

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