The gruesome discovery of a dead body brings an old face back to Summer Bay as hot cop Angelo Rosetta returns for the first time in almost a decade, with Australian actor and presenter Luke Jacobz reprising the role.


Angelo spent three eventful years in Home and Away from 2008 embroiled in numerous violent crime-led storylines, and later ran a restaurant after being chucked off the force.

Last seen leaving for pastures new with lover Nicole and her baby son George in 2011, the reinstated officer, now detective, is drawn back to the coastal town to head up the investigation into the murder of Colby Thorne's dastardly stepdad Ross Nixon. It's a return to acting for multi-talented Jacobz, also a successful presenter in his native Australia who has hosted X Factor and Netflix reality hit Instant Hotel. spoke exclusively to the star about his soap comeback and what tempted him to return.

Were you surprised to be asked back?
I wasn't expecting it, the call came and they literally asked me what I was doing next week as they were thinking of bringing Angelo back! I always said I was glad he wasn't killed off so it was left open for a possible return one day. They explained the storyline and the reasons for his return and it made perfect sense.

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Was it your decision to leave in 2011?
It was 50/50. I was hosting X Factor and the next season was going to overlap with the Home and Away schedule, I couldn't do both so Angelo was written out. I would've stayed as long as they wanted me, but looking back I also felt the character had run its course by then. If I'd been asked to leave and hadn't had X Factor I probably would've been more upset, but it timed out perfectly and it's great to be brought back.

What has Angelo been up to for the last decade?
He's more mature. Things didn't work out with him and Nicole, they went their separate ways as he missed being on the police force and chose resuming his cop career over her. So he went back and worked his way up to a senior role in homicide. I get to wear nice suits and drive a great car! He's married to Taylor who is very supportive of his job.

Are you pleased he's a cop again?
He was born to do it. When he gave up the badge, having accidentally killed Jack Holden then helping Martha and Hugo escape, he was riddled with guilt and it was a big decision. I remember it was gutting at the time he wasn't a cop any more, then he opened the restaurant which was a fun, different chapter for the character. It opened up another side to him.

What reaction did you get to Jack's death at the time?
I would say Angelo became one of the most hated characters on Australian TV! Jack was loved by everybody. I'd have fans abusing me in the supermarket for killing him off! It was a huge thing for Angelo but it helped develop him into where he is today.

Did you keep in touch with any of the cast?
I've spent a decade hosting shows on the same network as Home and Away (Channel Seven) so I would see them at awards shows or channel events, it's a lovely team and a real family. Lynne McGranger (Irene Roberts) and I support the same footie team, I always see Ray Meagher (Alf Stewart) around. I also know some of the newer faces like James Stewart (Justin Morgan) and Penny MacNamee (Tori Morgan) who I go way back with.

How does Angelo feel returning to the Bay?
He's not there to make friends, he's investigating a very serious murder. Soon he discovers the River Boys connection, who Angelo doesn't have a very good history with himself as fans may remember! Angelo has his work cut out trying to discover what exactly happened and what Colby, Dean and Bella are covering up.

Are you back permanently?
I'm not sure yet but there are conversations happening about that. The main focus right now is the murder case story arc, but Angelo's wife will be introduced eventually which brings some more drama. It's been great coming back and working with the cast, old and new. It automatically feels like coming home.


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