Gary Lucy on Hollyoaks stunt week: “I’m happy the old cast are back together smashing the place up!”

The village is destroyed by a crane - and it's all Luke's fault

Hollyoaks stunt week Luke Morgan

Hollyoaks star Gary Lucy has revealed what we can expect from stunt week – that time of year every October when months’ worth of storylines and secrets build to an epic peak, and the soap blows the production budget on a huge disaster spectacle.


“Stunt week in Hollyoaks is always something to look forward to in the calendar,” he teases. “The last one I was involved with was when they blew up the school in 2017 and it was fantastic.

“This time its centred on a crane, which is perilously standing on uneven ground above the Roman tunnels. Luke falls off the wagon and unintentionally wrecks the village. He feels terrible at being responsible, but he doesn’t mean to do it. Carnage seems to follow him everywhere he goes!”


The reason for the recovering alcoholic’s relapse stems from his discovery that he is the the biological father of ex-wife Mandy Morgan’s baby son DJ, rather than Darren Osborne as everyone had previously thought thanks to Luke’s son Ollie Morgan lying about the paternity test results.

“It completely spins him out,” continues Lucy, who first played damage Luke almost two decades ago. “There’s a whole mix of emotions, he feels betrayed by Ollie and Cindy Cunningham, who has also known for a while. As a father in real life I can relate to how heartbreaking it must feel to have lost out on all those big moments with DJ. Luke also wasn’t around when Ollie was growing up. I think it’s going to cause a lot of upset and emotional turmoil.”

Will Luke tell Darren the truth about baby DJ?

Just before the crane crashes and the chaos kicks off, it’s DJ’s christening. Understandably, Ollie is nervous when his dad shows up at the church, fearing he’ll tell oblivious Darren the truth.

“It’s devastating for Luke to watch this happy family unit, it should be his. But he makes what he feels is the right, and selfless, decision to not tell Darren. Plus, he’s drinking again at this point so is not sure he is capable of being the dad this baby deserves.”

The christening paves the way for the action back in the village that puts half the cast in danger, with the gang of ‘originals’ from Hollyoaks’ early days, including Luke, Mandy, Darren and Cindy, at the heart of the action.

hollyoaks darren mandy luke

“I really enjoyed filming the stunt stuff,” Lucy enthuses. “I was happy it was us originals back together smashing the place up! In true Hollyoaks style everyone pulled together and it was a pleasure to be a part of. I can’t wait to see the end result because we’ve all worked really hard, both cast and crew.”

Stunt week kicks off from Friday 25th October on E4 at 7pm and continues every weeknight.


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