Is it that time of year already? Yes, Hollyoaks stunt week 2019 is here, promising the usual action-packed plot twists and set piece spectacles.


As is tradition, several story strands are pulled tightly together as disaster strikes – a crane crashes and cracks the village floor, causing the concrete to cave in and putting lives in danger as the rubble starts to fall.

Pretty much the entire cast are involved, but here's a handy guide as to who's where when it all kicks off (tune in from Monday 28th October and throughout the week on E4), and who's in the most danger…

Nancy, Darren, Charlie and Ella

hollyoaks nancy darren stunt

Turns out there are ancient Roman tunnels running beneath Hollyoaks – who knew? – and when the crane crashes and sinks into the ground curious kids Charlie Dean and Ella Richardson are having a snoop around. Nancy Osbourne and estranged husband Darren Osbourne go to find them, but all four end up trapped as the village above is evacuated. And nobody knows they're down there…

Tony and Breda

hollyoaks tony breda

We're still getting over Tony Hutchinson's fakeout death when it looked like serial killer Breda McQueen had bumped off the soap's longest-serving character, but captor and captive are both caught up in the chaos again here. Having convinced her to let him go, Tony is bundled into the boot of Breda's car but she crashes into the crane (so it's all her fault) and is knocked unconscious. Breda is taken to hospital but will Tony finally be found in the back? Or has he been injured in the crash?

Cindy, Tom and Woody

hollyoaks cindy tom woody

Why are there cranes in Hollyoaks in the first place? Glad you asked: channeling her inner Lord Sugar, Cindy Cunningham is building a covered market but blatantly flouting health and safety regulations to fast track it, meaning it's not safe to do the work. Workman Woody (reality star Jake Quickenden) warns her of the danger and little brother Tom is fuming as he's proved right and structures start to crumble. All three are in the line of fire as the stunt occurs…

More like this

Mandy and Luke

hollyoaks luke

Luke interrupts DJ's christening, and huge hints have been dropped that he finds out he's the daddy, not Darren. This is unconfirmed, but something big drives recovering alcoholic Luke back to the bottle – and in a drunken stupor he recklessly jumps onto the crane and tries to steer it before it begins to sink. Losing control, the arm of the crane swings high in the air dropping steel girders – one of which hits Mandy, knocking her to the ground.

Scott, Mitchell and Cleo

hollyoaks scott drinkwell mitchell devereux

As teased in the autumn 2019 trailer, Mitchell Devereux and secret lover Scott Drinkwell (in drag persona Anita Tinkle) are placed in jeopardy as they have a liaison in the empty florist when the crane carnage occurs outside. Mitchell has decided to break up with girlfriend Cleo McQueen, who is starting to suspect her boyfriend is hiding something. Will she catch him with Scott? And will one of the love triangle trio perish as the florist door is jammed while the ground beneath crumbles and cranes career out of control?


hollyoaks leela lomax

The emergency services race to the scene (they're probably on high alert every October) headed up by local firefighter Leela Lomax. She's sure to be in the thick of things, which puts her on the danger list for sure. Brave Leela managed to take on the far right extremists and give them a mouthful, but can she win a fight with a collapsing crane and flying steel girders and bits of concrete?


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