This article includes discussion of domestic abuse, including coercive control, that some readers may find distressing.


Tom King (James Chase) is in mortal danger next week, when he is electrocuted just as abused wife Belle King (Eden Taylor-Draper) is trying to get away from the village.

Elsewhere, Jai Sharma's (Chris Bisson) cunning behaviour starts to impact his marriage to tLaurel Thomas (Charlotte Bellamy) – but will she discover what he's been up to?

Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley) offers locked up stepson Matty Barton (Ash Palmisciano) some advice, while Dawn Fletcher (Olivia Bromley) is given a boost by mum Rose Jackson (Christine Tremarco).

All your Emmerdale spoilers from 24th - 28th June 2024 are below.

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4 Emmerdale spoilers next week

1. Will Tom King die as Belle King flees?

A raging Tom delivers angry blows with an iron bar in Emmerdale
Tom takes out his anger on the barn. ITV

Belle confesses to her Mental Health Care Coordinator, Rachel, that she told Tom she had a miscarriage instead of an abortion. During the appointment, Belle fears that Rachel is beginning to realise the extent of Tom's controlling behaviour.

She's desperate for Rachel to leave, but Rachel reassures her, and the reality of Tom's abuse finally hits home. Rachel encourages Belle to take a break from Tom, and a terrified Belle nods warily. A conflicted Belle stares out of the window of a taxi, just as Tom is connecting the dots to her lies.

Noah Dingle (Jack Downham) reveals that Belle was in town for an appointment when she claimed she was walking Piper, and Tom is unable to contain his rage when he realises that Belle went to an abortion clinic.

Tom grabs a rusty iron bar and, in the barn, rains down blows on anything and everything. Tom flings back his arm for one final swing, but when the bar smashes against the barn's rotary isolator behind him, Tom is electrocuted and hurled violently against a beam.

As Tom lays unconscious, or worse, Belle's case is packed and she's ready to leave for Scotland to see niece Debbie Dingle (Charley Webb). Will evil Tom die, leaving Belle free to escape his abuse?

Emmerdale has been working with Refuge for the Tom and Belle storyline. You can access free and confidential support from Refuge's 24-hour National Domestic Abuse Helpline on 0808 2000 247 and digital support via live chat Monday-Friday 3-10pm via

2. Jai Sharma hides his cunning behaviour from Laurel Thomas

Pollard, Jai and a suspicious Laurel in Emmerdale
Pollard, Jai and a suspicious Laurel in Emmerdale. ITV

Laurel spots a tense conversation between Jai and Eric Pollard (Chris Chittell), but Jai then covers his fury at Pollard. Later, Suni Sharma (Brahmdeo Shannon Ramana) asks Laurel for advice over his boyfriend Nicky Miligan (Lewis Cope), who is eager to leave the village behind.

Laurel tells Suni that Jai would be devastated if he left, also reminding him of the importance of compromise in relationships. Suni is thoughtful as he ponders Nicky's plea to move away, but little does Suni know that big brother Jai is keeping secrets from him after running their killer father Amit (Anil Goutam) out of the village. We also know that Suni and Nicky are indeed set to leave this summer.

Laurel is suspicious when Pollard fails to pay for his drink, and sends her to speak to Jai about the matter. At home, Laurel probes Jai about Pollard's abrasive attitude, and Jai feels the net closing in. But will he come clean that he is being blackmailed by Pollard?

3. Cain Dingle gives Matty Barton worrying advice

Matty and Cain at the prison in Emmerdale
Matty and Cain at the prison in Emmerdale. ITV

Amy Barton (Natalie Ann Jamieson) worries about husband Matty, who has now told her not to visit him in prison any more. Matty calls Amy and they share a fraught but appreciated chat on the phone, leaving Matty bravely smiling in the face of his ordeal.

But he tries to mask his horror when he finds hardman Les has been moved into his cell. Les taunts a scared Matty with a series of quick-witted, unnerving quips, and Matty is more worried for his own safety than ever.

Cain visits Matty, but his attempts to boost his spirits fall flat. Terrified Matty points out his new cellmate and struggles to keep his emotions in check.

Cain advises him to use violence against anyone who might threaten him, but Matty is left horrified by what this means he may have to do. Will Matty do as Cain suggests?

And what will it take for Samson Dingle (Sam Hall) to reveal Matty's innocence in his stabbing?

4. Dawn Fletcher is bolstered by Rose Jackson's support

Dawn and Rose chat in the Home Farm kitchen in Emmerdale
Dawn and Rose bond. ITV

Dawn returns to Home Farm with unwell baby son Evan, but she is hit with paranoia at the thought of the older kids seeing their little brother and passing on harmful germs as Evan battles leukaemia.

Husband Billy (Jay Kontzle) worries about Dawn's overprotectiveness, but a heartfelt word from Rose about Dawn's natural ability as a mother brings the pair closer together as they start building a fort together. Can Rose help Dawn stay positive?

For help and support with a leukaemia diagnosis, visit Leukaemia Care's website or call them on 08088 010 444.

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