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Emmerdale spoilers for next week: Al and Priya get passionate, plus Mandy wages war against Brenda

All the big drama from the Dales

Published: Saturday, 28th March 2020 at 7:00 am

This is the moment when Emmerdale cuts back to three episodes per week as it tries to eke out the drama until the early summer.


So, you can catch the soap each Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7.00pm.

Here are the latest storyline spoilers to get you prepped for what lies ahead between 30th March and 3rd April.

Rhona helps Moira


There’s some bonding going on with Moira and Rhona opening up to each other about how difficult their lives are right now. Moira is feeling cash strapped, while Rhona is still grieving for Graham. But you can expect the situation to change when a flabbergasted Rhona reveals to Paddy, Chas and Marlon that she’s been left a large wedge of cash by Graham. The trouble is that Kim is saying that Rhona won’t get her hands on the money and makes it plain that she still holds her responsible for Graham’s untimely demise. But this doesn’t stop Rhona from telling Moira that she wants to go into business with her – but sets a condition that they must honour Graham’s legacy.

Mandy gets proof


In the wake of Dan’s hospitalisation, Pollard will be seen suggesting to Brenda that she dispose of any evidence relating to the incident at the café. A nervy Eric will also try to broker peace between Dan and Brenda – with the patient himself agreeing that pointing the finger of blame in Brenda’s direction won’t improve his situation. Brenda, meanwhile, is frantically trying to dispose of anything incriminatory, but is left shocked when Mandy arrives to tell her that she’ll pay for what’s happened to Dan. Later on, Mandy will be witnessed emerging from a bin behind the café clutching the evidence she needs. But what will she do next?

Will makes a rash move


The Bent Cop saga rumbles on with Cain telling Will that a) he has a plan to deal with Malone and that b) he should choose where his loyalties lie. The next day, Malone approaches Will and tells him that he wants them to do a new job for him. Will then lies and insists that Cain and Billy are still on board. But when the corrupt officer departs, Will starts to have a panic attack. In a bid to try and calm Will down, Billy tells him about a 4x4 they have stashed away to use against Malone. But Will is set to leave his cohorts stunned when he steals the 4x4. Is Cain right when he says that Will has now signed their death warrants?

Priya puckers up with Al


He’s been a character in search of a proper plot line ever since he arrived in the village, but it now looks as though Al is being given something to do. Upcoming scenes find Priya softening to him after he opens up about his run-in with Ellis. But just as they’re about to kiss, the two of them are interrupted. The next day, Al seizes the chances to pull Priya in for a kiss, but in the aftermath, she decides that they must try to keep things professional. Feelings of lust then take over again, however, but expect that ardour to be extinguished when Jai suddenly arrives on the scene.


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