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Emmerdale's Dan Spencer suffers dangerous allergic reaction - will he die?

Will the Dales favourite pull through?

emmerdale dan spencer reaction
Published: Thursday, 26th March 2020 at 8:30 pm

Emmerdale aired shock scenes tonight as Dan Spencer (Liam Fox) found himself in a precarious situation when he suffered an allergic reaction while snacking on food from the cafe after preparing wraps.


The problems all started for him when he took advantage of Eric's new menu launch, specifically the free booze aspect of the event, and ended up feeling extremely worse for wear the following day.

Forced to apologise over an error he made, Brenda makes him work at the cafe preparing wraps to make up for it.

The extremely hungover Dan gets to work, but soon wished he had never started drinking the day before when he took a wrap with him and found himself suffering a terrifying allergic reaction later while working on a car at the garage.

Underneath the vehicle, Dan found himself unable to breathe and then fell heavily onto a piece of equipment whilst attempting to retrieve his phone for help.

Brenda and Eric soon found him and called an ambulance; although Eric was angry and disappointed in Jacob when he rushed to get his EpiPen only to learn after using it that it was out of date.

Dan was rushed off to the hospital while his loved ones were called to be by his side.

He soon stabilised but it became apparent fairly quickly that his problems were far from over.

Amelia knocked his ankles and was alarmed when Dan didn't seem to realise, upon checking again he began to grow anxious that he is unable to feel anything in his lower legs.

Emmerdale Dan allergy

Later, after a visit from one of the doctors, she confirmed that he was going to need surgery to fix the damage done.

While she was optimistic that the surgery would be a success, Dan is now faced with the possibility that he may not be able to walk again.

As for Amelia, whilst she was asked to leave the room when he was told the news, she eavesdropped by the door and heard everything.

Will Dan pull through or is his life about to drastically change?

As for the cause of Dan's condition, it appears the blame could lie at Brenda's feet.

She discovered the wrapper on the floor at the garage and, realising her food must have caused the reaction, quickly hid it before Eric could spot her with it.

She hurried back to the cafe to try and cover her tracks and later tried to deflect the cause to someone else when questioned.

Will she get away with nearly killing someone due to her carelessness?

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