Emmerdale’s Victoria makes a heartbreaking decision – has she split from Luke for good?

It was devastating, but probably the right thing to do

emmerdale victoria

Emmerdale’s Victoria Sugden (Isabel Hodgins) made an incredibly difficult decision on this evening’s (24th March) episode.


Following her rape ordeal, she has been slowly dating her rapist’s brother, Luke Posner (Max Parker), and it’s been just what she needed.

He’s been kind, caring, and considerate with her, but their relationship hit a rock in the road when she thought it was time for the next step.

Following little Harry’s Christening, Luke and Victoria retired to her house, where she admitted she thought it was time to take it to the next step.

But the morning after, although they had been intimate twice, Victoria noticed something was wrong.

She opened up in a chat with Amy Wyatt how she felt completely detached from what happened, sighing how it just wasn’t right – and probably wouldn’t be with anyone.

Later in the episode, she sadly had to break things off with Luke, who knew something was up.

She came to the realisation this was probably the end of the road for them as she needed more time to heal herself.

But is it really over between the pair?

Emmerdale Luke and Victoria
Emmerdale’s Luke and Victoria

Actor Parker recently spoke to press including RadioTimes.com on whether there’s a future for Luke and Victoria.

“It’s such a sensitive situation that they’re in and there’s the whole Christening and Aaron’s back,” he revealed.

“It’s sort of a big eye-opener for both Luke and Victoria. So, the love question, I think it’s hard to say because of so many voices in both of their heads getting in the way”.


On whether Victoria could end things altogether, he admitted: “She might well do. She’s got to be very honest with herself and him”.

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