Emmerdale’s Luke and Victoria have only in the last few weeks made the decision to begin a relationship together, but do the pair have a future?


And what are the chances of something that some fans have been assuming is on the cards for a while now actually happening- a love triangle involving Aaron?

Well, things are about to take a development when it comes to the pair already together, and fans of them may not like what they hear. Things do at first appear to be on the up for them though following the baby's christening.

Despite some emotional upheaval in the form of Wendy who is forced to confront her feelings about the son she has lost, and receives a hug from Victoria in the process, the two later find themselves alone and waste no time in taking things to the next level.

The next morning, Luke is delighted at the development, but that is short-lived when he notices some awkwardness coming from Victoria. Have they rushed things to the point where she now no longer thinks a relationship will work between them?

On the subject of whether Luke really is in love with Victoria, actor Max Parker has some thoughts of his own.

“It's such a sensitive situation that they're in and there's the whole Christening and Aaron's back” Parker explained to press including RadioTimes.com, highlighting just some of the issues that the two face.

“It's sort of a big eye-opener for both Luke and Victoria. So, the love question, I think it's hard to say because of so many voices in both of their heads getting in the way”.

On whether Victoria could end things altogether, he had the following to say. “She might well do. She's got to be very honest with herself and him”. That doesn’t sound overly positive, does it?

But, what about Aaron, a character who has had many a falling out with Luke along the way? Some fans believe that the history of friction is paving the way for an affair between the two of them.

If this is something you want to see happen, well according to the man itself it may be best not to get your hopes up with Parker explaining that while he thinks the idea is fun, he isn’t convinced it’s something that will ever happen.

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“I just think that at the minute Luke has only got eyes for Victoria,” he said, adding: “People are always going to speculate about whether (feuding characters) actually like each other. But I don't think so.”

Admittedly, decisions like this are in the hands of the writers, but it doesn’t sound like that relationship twist is on the cards any time soon.

And as for who he would like to work more with? He has one person in mind there that he feels would allow him to play more comedic scenes. “I'd love to do a few maybe with Lisa who plays Mandy, I think she's brilliant and she's great to work with as well”.


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