6 Emmerdale spoilers for next week: Andrea takes on Kim as Cain catches out Malone

Plus, Marlon has a heart attack


Now that dodgy Malone is in Emmerdale, everyone’s lives are potentially in danger – none more so than Cain’s.


But what does he have in store for us next week (Monday 16th March – Friday 20th March)?

Here’s our rundown of everything you need to know…

Kim and Andrea go head-to-head

Emmerdale Andrea

Andrea is desperate to frame Kim for her involvement in Graham’s murder. Of course, we all know Kim’s plan to have him killed didn’t exactly come to fruition, but that’s by-the-by for the scorned mother. In a pretty crazy development, Andrea sets up a camera and desperately tries to get Kim to reveal all – which she does. Confident she’s got all the evidence she needs, Andrea heads to Jamie to convince him that his mum is a criminal. Her Oscar-worthy performance seems to have done the trick, and Jamie leaves Home Farm, insisting his mother is bad news. But has Andrea won the war with Belle – who’s after Jamie – on the scene?

Marlon has a heart attack


Poor Marlon hasn’t has the best of times in Emmerdale, but in the coming weeks, his problems go from bad to worse. Rhona invites him out for a coffee to relax him, but she only realises how much anxiety he is actually bottling up. Later on, a visit from the police only goes to make his feelings even worse. He goes for a drive later on with Paddy but suffers a heart attack. Will he be ok?

Paddy loses Eve

Emmerdale Eve

While Paddy tries desperately to look after his friend, he leaves his baby Eve in the car while she sleeps. It’s probably the worst thing he could have done as a parent, but the needs of his friend called for it. When he returns to collect her, she’s gone. Paddy spirals into despair and it doesn’t get any better when Chas starts to berate him. When the social services get involved, has too much damage been done?

Cain tries to get the upper-hand on Malone

Emmerdale DI Malone

We’re gripped to newcomer Malone and his dodgy ways, and it seems Emmerdale are setting up a big showdown between the bent copper and Cain. Will is tormented over whether he should have Lucas move into his home now he’s back in Malone’s pocket, and Billy decides to find out what Cain’s plan is. But Billy getting involved only alerts Malone and the dodgy copper has no other option by to jump him in the scrapyard and remind him who’s boss. Malone tells Billy to get Cain to the scrapyard and sets them both on a job to get rid of a car. But as they do so, they find a blood stain in Malone’s vehicle and immediately form a plan. Will it backfire?

Vinny reveals the truth

We’ve been gripped to Vinny’s real identity on Emmerdale but it seems we might finally have some answers in the coming week. It all starts when the Dingles think Vinny pawned Sam’s ring and they immediately order him out of the house. However, they make a surprising discovery which may just change everything.

Vanessa has her operation

Emmerdale Vanessa

As she continues to fight her bowel cancer, Vanessa’s friends and family have had differing responses to her tragic diagnosis. But for Vanessa, she is determined to work her last day before the treatment begins but she becomes gripped by abdominal pain. Tracy then has a bombshell dropped on her – Vanessa has made her last will and testament. But has she told anyone else? She then heads into her operation and fingers crossed all goes well for her.

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