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Paddy walks out on Chas - has he left Emmerdale?

The couple are at odds after he abandoned their baby

Published: Monday, 23rd March 2020 at 7:25 pm

Paddy Kirk's rift with partner Chas Dingle has deepened to the point the guilt-ridden vet has walked out, unable to live with himself after putting their baby girl Eve in danger sparking a social services investigation.


Monday 23rd March was meant to be a happy day for the Emmerdale family as Eve was christened, alongside David Metcalfe's son Theo and Victoria Barton's little boy Harry.

Unfortunately relations continued to strain and they were soon rowing about last week's incident. Paddy had driven best mate Marlon Dingle to hospital when he started having a heart attack - Mr Kirk was in such a panic he rushed off to get his friend medical help and temporarily left Eve in the car.

When he realised his split-second mistake he ran back to discover the girl had gone, but a police officer emerged saying she was safe as they had been alerted by a member of the public about an abandoned child.

Chas was livid at Paddy's actions and despite his mortification has struggled to forgive him. Eve was kept in hospital overnight and now social services are visiting the couple after the situation raised a red flag.

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Self-loathing Paddy left a note saying it was better if he left, which shocked Chas found at the end of the episode. Will she ever see Paddy again?

The answer is yes, but things are sadly set to get much worse. On Tuesday 24th March Paddy turns to Marlon and Aaron Dingle who urge him to make amends with his other half. Meanwhile, Chas is left to explain Paddy's absence at the social worker's visit, arousing more suspicion among the authorities.

After another clash for letting Eve down again, Paddy will be left with crushing anxiety and self-loathing as a result of the incident which continues to put a huge strain on him and Chas as time goes on…


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