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Emmerdale's Chas dumps Paddy after social services take their baby?

A split-second mistake could cost the couple everything

Published: Thursday, 19th March 2020 at 8:25 pm

Emmerdale's Chas Dingle (Lucy Pargeter) and Paddy Kirk (Dominic Brunt) are at risk of having their baby girl Eve being taken by social services now the guilt-ridden dad has been reported to the police for abandoning his daughter in a car. The little one is safe and sound, but the incident will have a severe impact on the couple's relationship.


On Thursday 19th March, panicked Paddy was on a mercy dash to get mate Marlon Dingle to the hospital as he was suffering a heart attack, and he was in such a panic he absent-mindedly dashed off leaving Eve sleeping on the backseat.

Realising his split-second mistake he rushed back to the car and was horrified the child had gone, but a police officer soon emerged from the hospital assuring him Eve was with them as they'd had a report of someone abandoning a child - and the authorities had been alerted…

Horrified Chas berated her other half when she got to the hospital, as the perplexed parents were informed Eve could not return home and must be kept in an incubator overnight as a precaution.

The consequences of Paddy's mistake will be keenly felt in the coming episodes as social services launch an investigation and pay a visit to the house. Self-loathing Paddy takes off and misses the appointment, leaving embarrassed Chas to explain his absence when they're already under scrutiny.

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Chas struggles to forgive Paddy, despite his profuse apologies, and Brunt warns the family are in for a tough time… "Paddy really thought someone had taken Eve," he says. "As a parent it's one of the worst things ever.

"Now it's likely social services have to get involved and Chas has a huge issue with Paddy after what he's done. Obviously he's going to be pretty heavy on himself, too.

"That's going to lead into how Paddy later tries to deal with all that's gone on."

Can the popular pairing survive the desperate dad's momentary lapse of judgment, or is it too big to come back from for beleaguered Chas? And could they end up losing Eve?


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