Jamie Tate (Alexander Lincoln) may have left Emmerdale in November 2021, but it's starting to look likely that he could return fairly soon.


Now Gabby Thomas (Rosie Bentham) knows he's alive - and not dead as the village thinks - fans have been wondering what consequences this bombshell reveal will have.

The shady character may not be on screen, but his presence is certainly being felt at the moment, with Gabby understandably on the edge as she comes to terms with how it will impact her relationship with her newborn.

If you're in need of a recap of everything that has happened up until this point, you're in luck - as RadioTimes.com has this handy guide on all you need to know. So read on for an up to date refresher on all things Jamie Tate - and whether he's going to be returning any time soon.

What happened to Jamie Tate in Emmerdale?

emmerdale kim tate
Emmerdale's Kim was poisoned by son Jamie ITV

The son of ultimate soap villainess Kim Tate (Claire King), Jamie originally rocked up as a good guy - the polar opposite of his scheming mother. He was married to Andrea (Anna Nightingale) and the couple had a daughter, Millie (Willow Bell). But fast forward a couple of years, and his perfect life had unravelled.

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Jamie discovered that his wife was involved in a spying set-up orchestrated by Kim when she was behind bars. His mum had hired Graham Foster (Andrew Scarborough) to watch out for him, and he in turn paid Andrea to befriend him. Years ago, Andrea and Graham also had a fling, and this bombshell seemingly turned Jamie into the twisted man he became by the time of his exit.

He embarked on affairs with Belle Dingle (Eden Taylor Draper) and Dawn Taylor (Olivia Bromley), mowed down Moira Dingle (Natalie J Robb) and left her for dead, and callously dumped Gabby after a one night stand. He later began poisoning mum Kim, blaming her for every problem in his life.

To be fair she has been a rather toxic presence over the years - but the matriarch has since mellowed, and we actually felt sorry for her when Jamie's car plunged into the lake and he was declared dead. Particularly when we later found out that he had faked the accident just to get away from her, and was now living happily with daughter Millie. This was the last time we saw Jamie on-screen, but was it really his final appearance?

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Is Jamie Tate coming back to Emmerdale?

emmerdale kim tate jamie tate
Jamie faked his death - but could he return to shock Kim? ITV

Viewers recently saw Gabby overhear Millie talking to baby half-brother Thomas after his christening, revealing that their daddy loves him and hopes to meet him soon. Gabby was stunned, but failed to get more information out of Millie due to her grandmother Hazel (Kate Anthony) immediately taking her home to avoid further suspicion.

Gabby confided in Dawn, and they later broke into Hazel's home and found Jamie's watch, proving beyond doubt what those of us watching already knew - he's alive and well. Gabby then chose to keep Kim in the dark over Jamie, but surely this isn't the end of the matter?

We all know that when a secret is being kept in soapland, it has a habit of coming out at the worst possible time. So just because Gabby wants to avoid Kim Tate unleashing her fury, or a court battle for baby Thomas, that doesn't mean it won't happen!

emmerdale jamie tate
Will Jamie Tate return to the village?

At present, there is no confirmation of actor Alexander Lincoln reprising his role as Jamie - but Emmerdale has been known to keep crucial plot points under wraps in the past.

At a recent press event attended by RadioTimes.com, producer Laura Shaw hinted there's more to come for Gabby, whether Jamie's physically back or not.

Speaking about the upcoming Flashforward Week, Shaw said: "Gabby is pushed to her limit at Home Farm. We know Jamie's still alive but is he coming back?

"What lengths will Gabby go to in order to protect her son? There are some lovely scenes exploring motherhood in these episodes."

With the tantalising tease of "lives being in danger", does that include Gabby's?

Watch this space, as we'll update this page as and when spoilers come in!

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