The saga of Jamie Tate (Alexander Lincoln) intensified in tonight's Emmerdale (8th April), when Gabby Thomas (Rosie Bentham) and Dawn Fletcher (Olivia Bromley) found new evidence.


This followed the dramatic events the day before, when the christening of Gabby and Jamie's baby son Thomas led her to the truth about Jamie's fate after he was presumed dead last year.

His mum Kim Tate (Claire King) currently believes he is long gone, but it turns out her initial suspicions that he took a leaf out of her book and faked his death were spot on. As we know, Jamie had orchestrated his 'accident' in order to get away from Kim, and has been living happily with daughter Millie (Willow Bell) for the past few months.

But when Millie attended Thomas's christening, she delivered a message to her baby brother which Gabby heard over the baby monitor - their daddy was hoping to meet the little boy soon. Gabby was rocked by this revelation, but any attempt to find out what was going on was thwarted by Millie's grandmother Hazel (Kate Anthony).

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So Gabby told Dawn everything, and asked for her help in securing proof that Jamie was still alive. Tonight, the pair drove to the same house where Gabby had earlier visited Hazel and Millie, hoping to find the truth.

Gabby was shocked when Dawn broke a window as a way of getting inside, but they quickly took advantage and set about searching the place for clues. Gabby soon found something - a watch belonging to Jamie.

Now certain that Jamie was very much not dead after all, Dawn and Gabby returned to Home Farm, where Dawn insisted it was time to reveal all to Kim. But Gabby urged her to keep quiet for more than one reason.

She knew that if Kim discovered what Jamie had done, there would be serious trouble ahead. Gabby also didn't want to risk a custody battle with Jamie if his secret was exposed. So, as Kim walked in and spotted her clutching Jamie's watch, Gabby and Dawn lied that they had found it lying around Home Farm. Although seeing the watch left her a little shaken, Kim accepted their explanation.

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But is this really the end of the matter? How long can Gabby and Dawn keep this secret contained, and will Jamie be back to see Thomas?

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