EastEnders’ Kush pushes Leo off a balcony – is he dead?

Has Kush made a grave mistake?

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EastEnders fans have been desperate to see the end of evil Leo on the BBC soap ever since he laid eyes on Whitney (Shona McGarty).


He’s been out for revenge for months since he took on his creepy dad’s mission of ruining poor Whit’s life.

Everyone will remember Leo is actually the son of Tony King (Chris Coghill), the man who sexually abused Whit before taking his own life.

In the coming weeks, Leo causes trouble in the market and starts hurling abuse at Kat Slater (Jessie Wallace).

Naturally, you can’t insult a Slater without getting payback and Kat completely explodes, ripping in to his stall.

Later on, Kat calms down with Kush Kazemi (Davood Ghadami) and Martin Fowler (James Bye), who in turn try to reassure Whitney everything is ok.

However, Leo arrives to ruin the fun before being carted away by the police himself.

EastEnders' Whitney and Leo
EastEnders’ Whitney and Leo

Kat proposes a celebration in the Prince Albert and finally, Whitney starts to relax.

Like a bad smell, Leo returns and a bit of argy bargy ensues.

In the heat of the moment, Kush arrives and pulls Leo off Whitney, before accidentally throwing him off the balcony.

Is Leo injured… or worse? Will Kush face dire consequences for the beating?


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