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EastEnders: Does Dennis die as Ian's revenge twist goes wrong?

Surely not!

EastEnders 35th anniversary
Published: Tuesday, 18th February 2020 at 8:00 pm

EastEnders continued its 35th anniversary celebrations and it was a huge night for Beale family.


Bobby Beale (Clay Milner Russell) was reeling after being targeted for his religious beliefs following the brick through his window and online abuse.

However, things took a turn for the worse this evening (18th February) when two thugs arrived and gave him a gruesome beating.

Bobby was left for dead after being kicked and strangled, much to Bex Fowler's (Jasmine Armfield) horror.

Thankfully, Iqra and Habiba were on hand to help Bobby and phoned the ambulance before calling Ian Beale (Adam Woodyatt).

While initially waiting by his bedside, Ian got a text message from Bex which sent him running - he discovered who was behind the trolling and it was none other than little Dennis Rickman Jnr (Bleu Landau).

Ian was quick to call out the little toe-rag, rushing to get on the boat where he warned the grinning teenager about his actions.

Denny showed absolutely no remorse and earned himself a punch across the face before Ian decided to lock him a room in the underbelly of the boat.

Scared he wouldn't get out of the room, Dennis called his mum Sharon and told him what Ian had done - but little did he know she had gone into labour.

His problems went from bad to worse when the boat crashed and the lower decks started to flood.

Ian ran downstairs to save Sharon's boy who was screaming for his life.

But when another crash hit the boat, Ian dropped the keys under water.

As the lights dimmed, Ian turned his back on Denny, but would he really leave him to die? Or will he go back to save the teenager?

In the meantime, poor Bobby was fighting for his life in hospital, but he would get an unexpected boost.

Peter Beale made a triumphant return to Albert Square, this time played by Dayle Hudson.

Remember: Linda and Mick Carter are set for a double death, too, as they are submerged near Denny - but will they be the ones to die?


All will be revealed as the 35th anniversary week continues on Thursday, 20th February.

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