Emma Harding (Patsy Kensit) left newfound granddaughter Lexi Pearce (Isabella Brown) a secret message in tonight's EastEnders (10th February), sparking fresh questions as to her motives.


After threatening Lexi's bully at school, Emma's backstory was finally revealed to her daughter Lola Pearce-Brown (Danielle Harold), and the two women vowed to make up for lost time. After meeting Lola and her husband Jay Brown (Jamie Borthwick) for a meal, Emma had a stand-off with Lola's 'Pops' Billy Mitchell (Perry Fenwick).

As the story continued, Emma and Lola enjoying looking over several photos from Lola's childhood, taken in the days before Emma fled. But Billy interrupted to tell Lola that they were late for Lexi's school presentation. Emma offered a lift, but the pair declined.

At home, Lola was upset that they had only made it for half of Lexi's presentation. At this point, Billy gently expressed concerns that she was taking on too much by spending so much time with Emma. Although she assured him that she was fine, Lola was reminded that she had her cancer treatment to cope with, as well as caring for Lexi.

When Jay agreed with Billy, Lola decided to tell Emma that she needed to cut down on seeing her after her honeymoon. Emma was disappointed, and on her way out of Albert Square, she vented to Billy that he had got what he wanted.

Sonia Fowler (Natalie Cassidy) saw the exchange, and Billy filled her in on who Emma was. "She's not a Mitchell, is she?" Sonia asked.

Billy replied that she was not, adding that some might say that was a good thing. Sonia then pointed out that she was very nearly a Mitchell herself, having shared some moving, unofficial vows with her first boyfriend Jamie Mitchell (Jack Ryder) before he died from internal injuries 20 years ago.

Isabella Brown as Lexi Pearce in EastEnders holds the locket from Emma.
Isabella Brown as Lexi Pearce in EastEnders holds the locket from Emma. BBC

The pair spoke fondly of Jamie, with Sonia pondering how short life was, giving Billy pause for thought. Later, at the house, Emma surprised Lola with a visit, presenting a locket containing a photo with Emma and a young Lola that she wanted to give Lexi. When Lexi walked in, Lola was forced to introduce them, perhaps before she was ready to.

With Lexi hearing the mention of a gift, Emma checked with Lola before handing Lexi the locket. But when Lola was distracted, Emma whispered to Lexi that there was a message for her inside, but she mustn't stress her mum out by telling her.

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In her bedroom, Lexi found a note in the locket, saying 'Our secret', along with a phone number. What is Emma planning? Does she have an agenda, or is she simply going about things the wrong way?

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