**This article contains spoilers from the latest boxset of EastEnders, currently streaming on BBC iPlayer.**


EastEnders has unveiled a new young star, as the role of Amy Mitchell has been recast to coincide with the teenager's new coming-of-age storyline.

Amy is the daughter of Jack Branning (Scott Maslen) and the late Roxy Mitchell (Rita Simons). She has been played by actress Abbie Burke since 2014. In that time, Amy has seen the untimely loss of her mum, as well as Aunt Ronnie (Samantha Womack).

Spoilers had revealed that this week, Amy would be bullied by newcomers, fellow teens Denzil and Nugget. And as EastEnders kicked off a brand new week, fan will have spotted that Amy is now portrayed by Ellie Dadd.

Amy was seen trying to impress the boys as she tricked Bobby Beale (Clay Milner Russell) and stole food from Walford East. Dad Jack was later even more unimpressed by Amy's choice of attire as she donned a pair of denim shorts - but her step-aunt Kim Fox (Tameka Empson) told Jack he was being old-fashioned.

Amy was targeted by Denzil and Nugget when they posted a photo of her legs online, mocking her for not having shaved them. As Amy struggled over the trials and tribulations of growing up, this cruelty was the last thing she needed. Luckily, stepsister Chelsea (Zaraah Abrahams) was on hand to help.

Chelsea and Nugget EastEnders
Chelsea confronts Amy's bully (BBC) BBC

Chelsea marched over to speak to the boys, showing she meant business as she warned the pair to remove the picture from social media. They followed her instructions; but when Chelsea learned that Amy hadn't received an apology, she went into battle once more. And Amy was looking much happier when Denzil sent her a text saying sorry for his behaviour.

Now she just had to deal with the disastrous attempt to shave her legs, so Chelsea and stepmum Denise (Diane Parish) took her to the salon to show her how to wax them instead. There was a fun family moment when Jack walked in to hear Amy's screams, only to find she was waxing her leg. Denise shut him up with a reminder that this was totally natural, before chasing her civil partner with the waxing strips!

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What else is in store for Amy? Keep watching to find out, as star Dadd is sure to be seen regularly in the role.

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