Abi Webster (Sally Carman) had a secret meeting in tonight's Coronation Street (16th May) as the battle for her baby son Alfie continued.


Viewers know that Abi has been framed for a drugs relapse by Alfie's father Imran Habeeb (Charlie de Melo), who then successfully gained custody of the little boy.

Dodgy associate Ben lied in court that he saw Abi purchasing cocaine; but last week Abi caught Ben attempting a drug deal of his own, and blackmailed him into passing on evidence of Imran's deceit to her solicitor, Elliot.

As Monday's episode arrived, Imran was preparing for a meeting he had been forced into by Elliot and Abi, for fear of them reporting him to the police. Abi was cool and confident as they all met at Imran's office, mocking the naming ceremony Imran and wife Toyah (Georgia Taylor) had planned for Alfie later that day.

Abi played nice with Imran (ITV)

Elliot once again put forward the proof he had of Imran's crime, but Ben claimed he had never said anything after all.

Abi was incensed when her solicitor therefore agreed to end the meeting, and she planned to use the video of Ben scoring drugs as leverage. Elliot, however, warned her that this would likely be written off as witness intimidation.

She confronted Ben, who revealed that he now had a job with Imran and Adam Barlow (Sam Robertson) and apologised for his role in destroying her chances of custody.

Later, Abi had a change of heart about the naming ceremony and turned up after all, making a huge effort to play nice with Imran and Toyah. Toyah is still completely unaware of Imran's actions, and was happy to welcome Abi. But Imran remained suspicious as he eyed the teddy Abi had handed over as a gift to their son.

After the event, Abi met with a contact, Matty, and handed him two envelopes - one which contained a sizeable fee for him. As Matty warned her that she could go to prison for what she was doing, Abi declared that she was already in prison as far as she was concerned - this was her trying to break out.

Is Abi plotting to leave Weatherfield - and take her baby with her? And will anything stop her? Coronation Street has now unveiled a dramatic new trailer for an upcoming explosive week for Abi, Imran and Toyah, so who will be stopped in their tracks?

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