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Next week's Coronation Street spoilers: Sinead dies, plus prison riot drama for David and Josh - 21-25 October 2019

Emotions run high in Weatherfield next week

Published: Sunday, 20th October 2019 at 12:15 pm

When Daniel and Sinead got together in Coronation Street, my hopes were high that they’d be this generation’s Ken and Deirdre. She was the girl next door, he was the frustrated intellectual. But when actress Katie McGlynn announced she was leaving, the soap gods decreed that Sinead had to die.


It’s a risky move for Corrie. For a start, Sinead’s demise adds to the large tally of young female characters who have been killed off in recent years (see Tina, Rana, Maddie, Kylie). Then there’s her diagnosis of cervical cancer, the same disease that controversially claimed the life of Alma (Amanda Barrie) in 2001.


Back then, the soap drew criticism because Alma’s health was perceived to be deteriorating too rapidly. The same might also be said of this storyline (anyone would think McGlynn had a panto booking in Northwich, Cheshire), but despite the rush, there’s no denying the emotional clout of Sinead’s final days.

It’s punishing, brutal viewing – and so many tears will be shed that you’ll be left a desiccated husk. McGlynn and Rob Mallard are also both outstanding. My only gripe is that I wish Corrie hadn’t shoehorned in the infidelity drama of having Daniel kiss Bethany in his time of crisis. It’s an unnecessarily melodramatic twist and results in Bethany getting cruelly shamed by everyone in sight.


As you’ll see, though, the focus isn’t entirely on Sinead next week. There’s also a showdown for David and his rapist Josh (who seems to have miraculously recovered from blindness). Now, my heart sinks whenever a soap does prison-set drama – I’m always braced for the clichés: the sadistic screw, a bullying top dog, characters campaigning for the inmate’s early release...


But Corrie is showing ambition in having a full-on riot, which is sparked by jailbird Abe dragging Josh into David’s cell, handing David some scissors and telling him to do his worst. Seeing as David’s a hair stylist by trade, I’m thinking that means either a Tommy Shelby-style undercut or a Mr T mohawk.

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