It looks like Coronation Street killer Stephen Reid (Todd Boyce) may have struck again tonight (Wednesday 12th April), as businessman Rufus Donahue (Steve Meo) suddenly went missing.


As the ITV soap returned, Stephen was furious when Rufus blackmailed him into giving him 50 per cent of the factory's Nippersnapper profits in return for keeping his secret – namely that Stephen had drugged Underworld boss Carla Barlow (Alison King).

Stephen was forced to agree, but he warned Rufus that this would be the last time that he would come out on top. As Rufus asked whether this was a threat, they were interrupted by designer Michael Bailey (Ryan Russell) who introduced Gazette reporter Suki (Laura Littlewood) – but poor Michael was put out when Stephen kept him out of the exciting interview opportunity.

With Rufus having already offered Michael a job in London, Michael gave him a call and Rufus invited him to come to the place he was renting for a meeting. Michael was thrilled, and went on to deliver the news to dad Ed (Trevor Michael Georges) and uncle Ronnie (Vinta Morgan).

In the Rovers, Stephen arrived for a drink, and when he saw Michael he blasted him for disappearing from the factory. Michael replied that he was meeting Rufus later about a job, and branded Stephen "a smug, arrogant melt" before quitting.

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While Stephen stewed, Rufus was relaxing while taking part in online meetings, just as Paul Foreman (Peter Ash) lurked outside the house, hoping to steal Rufus's car to make dodgy money amid his health worries.

He managed to swipe the keys and drive the car away, while Rufus answered a knock at the door and greeted the unknown caller with: "What the hell are you doing here?"

By the time Michael arrived for their meeting, he could hear the music still blaring inside the house, but there was no answer from Rufus as he left him a voicemail. Has Stephen murdered Rufus? Viewers reading ahead on spoilers may already know Rufus's fate, but what exactly went on?

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