There's a tough week for Ryan (Ryan Prescott) on Coronation Street as he comes to terms with life after the devastating acid attack.


With his life falling apart around him, Ryan reaches out to various different people, but to no avail. Will he be OK?

Elsewhere, Roy (David Neilson) has a health scare, Beth (Lisa George) and Faye (Ellie Leech) make dangerous liaisons and Paul gets deep in trouble.

Read on for your Coronation Street spoilers between Monday 17th and 21st April 2023.

Ryan comes to terms with his new life

Coronation Street: Ryan runs away

Things go from bad to worse for Daisy and Ryan when they discover Justin pleads not guilty at his plea hearing, meaning the devastated pair will have to relive their trauma in a trial. Daisy breaks the news to Ryan and Alya at the hospital and Ryan's beside himself at the thought of going through it all again. It prompts a heart-to-heart with Alya who is keen to reassure him that she'll be there by his side throughout everything. Clearly touched by her words, Ryan admits he loves her - how will Alya react?

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Later on, Daisy takes Crystal to see Ryan in the hospital, hoping the thought of work will take his mind off what he's going through - and it works; discussing gigs in Ibiza is exactly what Ryan is dreaming of getting back to. What Ryan doesn't know either is that Crystal wants nothing more to do with him - how will he cope when he finds out the news?

Ryan's dealt another blow as he admits he's ready to look at his injuries - only to discover from the doctor that they aren't healing as well as they'd hoped and he will need a skin graft. Daisy and Carla head into his room to check in on him to find an empty bed. They eventually find him and it's clear he's traumatised.

After the skin graft, Ryan is finally allowed to go home, but he struggles when he sees a group of nurses giggling, and his mind wanders, thinking they're laughing at him. His suspicions are piqued again when a little girl can't stop staring at his injuries out of curiosity. How will Ryan cope with his new way of living?

What's wrong with Roy?

Coronation Street: Roy has a healthscare

Evelyn and Roy head to a salsa class but it doesn't end well, when Roy clutches his chest, admitting he doesn't feel well. Evelyn is furious with Roy for leaving her in the lesson, but Roy insists he wasn't feeling well. When he won't talk any further about it, Evelyn storms off.

Later on in the week, Roy books an appointment with Dr Gaddas and admits he's been suffering from chest pains and breathlessness. The doctor sends him for tests, and when Evelyn finds out, she insists on going with him. Will Roy be OK? And what's wrong with him?

Faye and Beth have wandering eyes

Coronation Street: Faye is shocked to see Beth

Jackson and Miley pop by the factory to see Faye, who's pleased to see them. She's delighted when Craig presents them with tickets to see the Weatherfield Giants basketball game and Faye tells them to go themselves. As the trio head off for the game, Faye and Jackson share a lingering look.

At the same time, Beth can't help but arrange to meet up with Marco outside the precinct and go for a drink. While in full-flirt, Marco leans in for a kiss.

Meanwhile Faye arranges to meet Jackson in town for a drink after his interview after lying to Craig about who she's really at the bar with. But she's caught out when she runs into Beth who's there with Marco! Is the game up for Faye and Beth?

Faye is torn as Craig proposes

Coronation Street: Craig proposes

Faye gets a shock when Jackson asks her to move to the south with him as he's managed to get her a new job. But as she mulls over that, Beth drags her to Victoria Street where a small crowd has gathered, including Jackson and Miley. In the middle of it is Craig who's down on one knee asking for her hand in marriage. Now it's crunch time, who will Faye choose?

Stu gets shocking news

Coronation Street: Stu is shocked

Stu is left speechless when he discovers he's owed £200,000 in compensation, but his happiness is short-lived when he has a family matter to deal with - Eliza is being bullied at school for having a mum in prison. Heading into school, Stu doesn't get productive answers from the head teacher who says its best for Eliza if she moves schools. Yasmin thinks it could be a good opportunity for a fresh start - but where will she go?

Paul struggles with his secret

Coronation Street: Paul on the phone

Billy offers to book a holiday suggesting he and Paul need some time off together. Paul tries his best to stay optimistic but he's waiting for a call from the MND specialist to find out the results of his testing. Later on, when the phone rings, Paul answers, not knowing what to expect, but he has to end the call when Billy returns home. Will Billy find out what's really on Paul's mind?

Stephen has another get of jail card

Todd Boyce as Stephen Reid in Coronation Street.
ITV/Danielle Baguley

Like a cat with nine lives, Stephen is given a lifeline when Michael suggests that perhaps Rufus was drunk when he fell in the swimming pool. Happy to go along with the lie to conceal yet another murder, Stephen is more than pleased to have attention away from him. However, he has another setback in the week when Elaine suggests they make their engagement public knowledge, but Stephen isn't really keen on the attention and has to put her off...

Coronation Street has been working with ASTI and the Katie Piper Foundation on Ryan's hard-hitting storyline. For support and information, visit their websites. Plus, for information and support on motor neurone disease, visit the MND Association's website or call the charity on 0808 802 6262.

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