Warning: this article contains details of an acid attack which some readers may find upsetting.


Coronation Street aired a disturbing acid attack this evening (27th March) which saw stalker Justin (Andrew Still) try to get revenge on Daisy (Charlotte Jordan) for turning down his romantic advances.

Daisy has been suffering at his hands for weeks, and despite reporting all of his unacceptable behaviour to the police, and even attempting (but failing) to get a stalking protection order, her worst fears came true in tonight's episode.

It was the morning of her wedding day, and while everything was seemingly going wrong, Daisy was determined to get married to the love of her life, Daniel (Rob Mallard).

Getting ready to leave, Daisy prepared to drive to the venue with Ryan (Ryan Prescott) who stood in last minute as her chauffeur when her original driver pulled out.

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But as she made her way out of the Rovers, she was greeted by an unwanted pub punter - Justin.

Andrew Still as Justin, Charlotte Jordan as Daisy and Ryan Prescott as Ryan Connor in Coronation Street.
Andrew Still as Justin, Charlotte Jordan as Daisy and Ryan Prescott as Ryan Connor in Coronation Street. ITV

Without offering a reason, he went to throw a substance on the bride-to-be, but kind-hearted Ryan got in the way, taking the full force of the attack.

Justin fled, leaving Daisy with a minor acid burn and Ryan writhing around screaming in pain. After calling 999, Daisy dragged Ryan into the shower to douse him in cold water on the advice of the operator.

The ambulance arrived to take Ryan to the hospital while Daisy spoke to the police - and it's fair to say she wasn't just upset by what had happened, she was furious. After weeks of not being listened to by the police, Daisy could barely contain her anger as she told them she knew something like this would happen. She knew Justin was this dangerous.

At the hospital, Daisy was wracked with guilt - made even worse when a devastated Alya arrived to see how her former partner Ryan was doing. And the prognosis wasn't great - he was about to have surgery on his injury to try to save as much skin as possible, but doctors didn't know the outcome.

Heading outside for some air, Daisy came across Justin (just after Daniel ominously warned that he always shows up), and the villain explained himself - he thought if Daisy was disfigured, she might finally love him, and he could finally have the chance to prove to her how much of a nice guy he was.

Containing her disgust, Daisy sweet-talked Justin to get him to open his car door, and the clever barmaid won, stealing his keys so he couldn't drive away and she could toot the horn so much that the police arrived to arrest Justin.

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Speaking to press including RadioTimes.com about the impact this storyline will have on Ryan, actor Prescott said: "It's going to change his life forever, because it changes the way he interacts with the world.

"In soap, we have the parameter to show some kind of reality of the longevity of what it means to be an acid attack survivor - the recovery period is so long, if not lifelong."

Prescott added: "Your face is the first thing that you'll look at in the mirror when you wake up and get up. It's your first means of communication and it's the first thing you readily identify yourself with. So when that changes, everything changes.

"Despite the massive shift that the incident causes, I think he is determined to not let the experience define who he is. He was trying to somehow find his way back to that infectious spirit that he once had."

Coronation Street has been working with ASTI and the Katie Piper Foundation on this hard-hitting storyline. For support and information, visit their websites.

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