Rowan Cunliffe (Emrhys Cooper) sent a blackmail threat to Toyah Battersby (Georgia Taylor) in tonight's Coronation Street (18th June 2024).


As a new week dawned on the ITV soap, Toyah was surprised when stepsister Leanne Battersby (Jane Danson) insisted on paying for her baby Rose's funeral.

Outside, George Shuttleworth (Tony Maudsley) carried Rose's baby coffin into the hearse, as Toyah placed a yellow teddy on top of it.

Leanne and Nick Tilsley (Ben Price) supported Toyah, but Toyah was furious to find Rowan lurking nearby, watching her daughter's final journey take place.

Toyah confronted Rowan, ordering him away before attempting to continue the difficult day. But for Toyah, Rose's send-off had been tainted.

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Later, Leanne was forced to admit that Rowan was the reason they were able to fund Rose's funeral, having given Leanne the money himself. Toyah was hurt and incredulous that Leanne continued to believe in Rowan, who she branded a coercive abuser.

A broken Toyah told Leanne that she was done with her forever, and Nick explained to Leanne how her obsession with Rowan and the Institute was destroying their family. Leanne told Nick it was he who was hurting her, before rushing off to do an 'Upload'.

Toyah went to see Rowan, vowing to expose him for who he really is. Upon arriving home, Toyah and Nick were alone in the flat, and he apologised for all that had happened that day. Seconds later, the pair were kissing again, witnessed by a man outside who took several photographs of Toyah and Nick.

Emerging from the bedroom, Nick and Toyah agreed never to sleep together again and to keep their distance from each other. When Leanne returned, she told Toyah she was genuinely sorry, and a guilty Toyah and Nick replied that they could all put recent events behind them.

With that, it was business as usual at the Bistro, although Toyah avoided being at home with Leanne for as long as she could. But when locking up alone, Toyah was visited by Rowan, who smirked as he reminded her of her court debts which were all thanks to him.

At the flat, Toyah got a message with a photo of her and Nick kissing, and the pair concluded this was all down to Rowan, who was blackmailing Toyah to pay up and back off. Will Toyah comply, or will Leanne find out about her betrayal?

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