Paul Foreman (Peter Ash) made a heartbreaking plea in tonight's emotional instalment of Coronation Street (12th June 2024), as he felt his freedom slipping away due to his motor neurone disease.


Ahead of adoptive daughter Summer Spellman's (Harriet Bibby) return, Paul and husband Billy Mayhew (Daniel Brocklebank) prepared for Paul to learn how to use new equipment Eyegaze, which will enable him to communicate when he can no longer speak.

In no time, Paul was testing it all out, and when Summer arrived, he used the Eyegaze to make a wisecrack greeting. He then proved that his voice was still working, while Summer revealed that she had brought new boyfriend Felix (Robin Morrissey) to Weatherfield with her.

Summer invited Paul and Billy to join her and Felix at the Bistro, but when Billy left Paul alone on the stairlift, Paul fell to the ground, halting their plans.

Doctor Gaddas (Christine Mackie) made a home visit, insisting that if his injuries got worse he must go to hospital; but Paul refused to go.

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Summer and Felix arrived to find out what was going on, while Todd Grimshaw (Gareth Pierce) also dropped by and made an awkward comment about Summer dating an older man!

Later, Felix told Paul he found his MND diagnosis "fascinating", which immediately irritated Paul. Todd seemed to like Felix, while Paul wasn't keen due to the age gap between him and Summer.

As talk turned to Summer's future, Paul was lost in thought at the idea of missing it all. Later, Paul was resistant when Billy suggested it was time to stop using the stairlift.

Breaking into tears, Paul described how empty his life would be once he could no longer leave their home. Paul then begged Billy not to stop him from going out yet; but Paul may sadly have to accept that he will soon be housebound.

The latest episode of Coronation Street marked yet another moving, powerful performance from Ash, as our hearts broke for Paul.

Coronation Street continues next week, airing from Tuesday 18th June in a change of schedule.

For information and support on all aspects of motor neurone disease, visit the MND Association's website or call the charity on 0808 802 6262.

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