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Coronation Street promises epic climax for Jade story as Fiz discovers she's John Stape's daughter

Producer Iain MacLeod says viewers will end up surprised

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Published: Wednesday, 8th January 2020 at 8:55 pm

After months of manipulation, Coronation Street cuckoo in the nest Jade Rowan's true identity has finally been revealed to Fiz Stape - the perky childminder is the secret daughter of her late husband, killer John Stape, and has vengefully targeted his widow to take half-sister Hope.


Social services revealed to Fiz and partner Tyrone Dobbs on Wednesday 8th January another family member had stepped in after Hope, and Ty's daughter Ruby Dobbs, were taken into care following allegations of parental abuse from Fiz towards her daughter.

Fiz and Tyrone were gobsmacked to learn live-in nanny Jade was sicko Stape's long-lost offspring, and the redhead reeled she'd been played and insisted John had never mentioned he had a daughter when they were together (he died in 2011 after a spell as Weatherfield's most unlikely serial killer).

Sneaky Jade switched on the waterworks and fed the authorities a pack of lies that Fiz knew who she was all along, and had been willing for her to get to know her sibling. Denied custody of Hope, despite her efforts to discredit Fiz as a parent by framing her for non-existent child abuse, Jade twisted the knife and blabbed Fiz had bought the gun for boss Gary Windass's antique shop that was used in the Christmas Day siege, implying she had put knowingly put lives as risk and couldn't be trusted with her own kids.

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Speaking exclusively to about the big storylines for 2020, Corrie producer Iain MacLeod said the plot is hurtling towards a heady climax: "Jade's brilliant, bonkers, secret assault on the Dobbs household is fabulous, exciting, slightly heightened and, dare I say, campy, with a really high-octane ending.

Over the next week, viewers will see Jade scheming from the sidelines to smuggle Hope out of the country, booking one-way tickets on a ferry to France for both of them. As it came clear in her showdown with Fiz, Jade has been brainwashed by her own mother as to the truth about her dastardly dad, believing his crimes were Fiz's fault, and MacLeod hints the character could still be redeemed before the final curtain.

“Eventually we’ll subvert people’s expectations as to what they think about Jade, which is going to be interesting.” With Hope and Ruby in care, will irreversible damage already have been by then?


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