Dylan Wilson (Liam McCheyne) left Weatherfield with mum Violet (Jenny Platt) in tonight's Coronation Street (20th March 2024), leaving us wondering if he'll ever return.


The teen was recently revealed to be part of Liam Connor's (Charlie Wrenshall) bullying ordeal, with ringleader Mason Radcliffe (Luca Toolan) coercing Dylan to help him torment poor Liam.

When Dylan was arrested for knife possession, he finally reported Mason's crimes, and vowed to plead guilty in court.

As the ITV soap continued, Dylan's father Sean Tully (Antony Cotton) took him to his hearing, hoping that the lad would not go ahead with his planned plea.

But Dylan stayed true to his word, entering a guilty plea and ultimately receiving a community service order in court.

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Later, Dylan thanked his dad for standing by him despite the extent of his behaviour, and he promised that he would turn his life around, and didn't want to step foot inside a courthouse ever again.

But when Dylan and Sean returned home to Eileen Grimshaw's (Sue Cleaver) house, they were met with Eileen and a fuming Violet!

Contrary to Dylan's claim that Violet was on holiday abroad and fully in the know about Dylan's situation, she actually had no idea until Eileen called her.

Violet let rip at Sean for his parenting skills, explaining that while Dylan should be held accountable for his actions, Sean was the parent and had handled everything rather poorly.

In a later moment alone, Violet calmly told Sean that, although he had only just found out about Dylan's behaviour and the involvement of the knife, he still hadn't reached out to her as he should have.

Violet then insisted that she was taking Dylan back to London with her.

Sean was forced to agree when Dylan challenged this plan, pleading with his mum that he wanted to be with his dad and hated living in London.

But Violet's mind was well and truly made up, and Sean's last minute plea for her to let Dylan stay was dismissed.

As Violet and Dylan left the cobbles, Sean was comforted by Eileen, who assured him that he needed his loved ones around him, and so no longer had to move out. But will Dylan be back?

Well, back in February, it was confirmed to RadioTimes.com that returning star Platt would be reprising the role of Violet for "a number of episodes."

Given that, so far, she's only appeared in one, this means it's not the last we've seen of Violet - and surely the same applies to Dylan?

His story certainly doesn't feel quite over yet, as he still wants to make amends with Liam. But what brings Violet back in the coming weeks?

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