Daniel Osbourne (Rob Mallard) has been struggling to move on with his life in the wake of losing his wife, Sinead, but the official Coronation Street website has indicated that there could be happier times on the way for him.


When Adam Barlow (Sam Robertson) cancels plans with him for a boys night in, an evening that Daniel was really looking forward to, all he can do is sit alone in the flat and the loneliness starts to become too much for him.

All he can think about is Sinead and the happiness he has lost and the sadness eventually gives way to determination, with Daniel keen to get his life back together and find happiness for himself.

Donning a suit and hitting the town, he soon runs into a woman named Nicky (new arrival, Kimberly Hart-Simpson) and the two end up striking up a conversation, something Adam notices and is delighted to see.

daniel nicky coronation street

As Daniel continues to enjoy himself, Nicky suggests they carry on the night and head off elsewhere. He agrees and the two continue the evening together. But is Daniel really ready to move on, or is he setting himself up for another fall?

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Today, June 9th, is the day Coronation Street resumed filming new episodes following the forced COVID-19 production break. Most of the cast and crew are expected to be back at work, but we will notice some faces missing when these new episodes air.

Any elderly cast members are not part of the return and they will stay away from the studio for the time being. The same applies to those with existing medical conditions - so do not expect to see the likes of Ken Barlow for a while.

The soap is currently only airing two episodes a week in a bid to avoid a transmission break. With filming resuming they should be able to avoid one and fingers crossed we will be back to a full-time schedule before too long.

Elsewhere, both EastEnders and Hollyoaks have confirmed they will be taking a break until they have new episodes ready to go.


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