Doctor Who New Year’s Day special trailer promises epic festive fun

Series 11 may have ended, but there’s one more challenge waiting for the Tardis team - and could it involve the Daleks?


Jodie Whittaker’s first Doctor Who series may have ended, but fans won’t have long to wait for the Thirteenth Doctor’s return in the sci-fi series’ upcoming New Year’s Day special.


A new trailer has now given our first real hints of what we can expect from the appropriately-titled episode Resolution, which sees the Tardis team return to Sheffield to face an evil drawn from across the centuries of Earth’s history.

Check out the first trailer for the Doctor Who New Year’s Day special below.

Full of time-spanning battles, exciting action and the DNA of the most evil creature in the world, it’s suitably exciting stuff. And could the name of the creature the Doctor is so reluctant to name be…Dalek???

For now, all we have to do is keep our patience over the next few weeks until the episode arrives in 2019…

Doctor Who returns to BBC1 on Tuesday 1 January 2019 at 7pm


This article was originally published on 9 December 2018