All eyes are on Tokyo right now as the Olympics 2020 gets underway, but anime fans will also be aware that the city is the scene of a time-travelling gangster saga that is one of the hottest shows on TV right now.


Tokyo Revengers follows Takemichi, a drifter who finds himself travelling through time and uses the opportunity to save his ex-girlfriend from being murdered by a ruthless gang.

Tokyo Revengers is a relatively new anime, only starting in April 2021, and after receiving great critical acclaim so far fans are naturally keen to see where Takemichi's next time-altering antics.

Well luckily they won't have to time travel twelve years for the next instalment - here's when Tokyo Revengers episode 17 is released.

Tokyo Revengers episode 17 release date

Titled 'No Way', Tokyo Revengers episode 17 will be released on Saturday 31st July 2021.

As usual the twisty-turny time travel anime will be streaming on Crunchyroll for fans outside of Asia, and will be available at the regular time of 8pm BST in the UK.

This is a simultaneous release around the world, however - which means an afternoon showing of 12pm PDT/ 3pm EDT in the US and a rather early start of 4:30 am ACST in Australia.

Tokyo Revengers cast and characters

A.J. Beckles plays Takemichi

Tokyo Revengers

Who is Takemichi? The protagonist of the series, Takemichi starts off as an aimless 26-year-old who is saddened to hear of the murder of his middle school ex-girlfriend Hinata at the hands of the Tokyo Manji Gang.

However, he suddenly finds himself transported twelve years into the past - when Hinata is still alive and they are in a relationship. Realising he can change the future, Takemichi infiltrates the Tokyo Manji Gang to change their ways and save Hinata from her fate.

Where have I heard A.J. Beckles before? Takemichi is the most well-known role of A.J. Beckles, but the voice actor is also known for portraying Shiki in fellow anime Kemono Jihen.

Lizzie Freeman plays Hinata

Tokyo Revengers Hinata

Who is Hinata? Hinata is a middle school student and Hinata's girlfriend, and sister to Mikey. In the future she gets involved in a fight between two gangs and dies, prompting Takemichi's desire to change the past.

Where have I heard Lizzie Freeman before? Accomplished anime voice actress Lizzie Freeman has voiced Trish in Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, Yanfei in videogame Genshin Impact, Rin in Isekai Cheat Magician and Remon in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations.

Griffin Puata plays Naoto Tachibana

Tokyo Revengers Naoto

Who is Naoto? Naoto is Hinata's younger brother, and a detective at the organised crime department of Tokyo. It is later revealed that he is able to trigger Takemichi's time travel ability by shaking hands with him.

Where have I heard Griffin Puata before? Voice acting veteran Griffin Puata is best known for voicing Ganke Lee in videogame Spider-Man: Miles Morales as well as deer Louis in Beastars. He also appears in Netflix's Godzilla: Singular Point, and has previously worked with Lizzie Freeman in Isekai Cheat Magician.

Aleks Le plays Mikey


Who is Mikey? One of the show's main characters, Mikey is the leader of the Tokyo Manji gang. Takemichi repeatedly attempts to stop Mikey from becoming more violent while in the past, as this eventually leads to Hinata's death.

Where have I heard Aleks Le before? Aleks Le is best known for voicing Zenitsu in the phenomenally successful Demon Slayer, but has also appeared as Sonon in hit videogame Final Fantasy VII remake.

Is Senju a girl in Tokyo Revengers?

While the Tokyo Revengers anime may have only recently started, the manga has been going since March 2017 - and the most recent chapter has hinted at quite the shocking twist.

While the anime may deviate from its source material, it's' worth pointing out that the below could be considered a spoiler for a later episode of the show - as well as for manga readers who are not quite up to date.

*Warning: spoilers ahead for Tokyo Revengers chapter 215*

Chapter 215 of the Tokyo Revengers manga saw Takemichi join the Brahman Gang, and after being warned of a surprise was told to meet the boss Senju at the Harajuku.

However, the very last panel of the chapter was a surprise for both Takemichi and the readers - Senju, long thought to be a boy, was seemingly revealed to be a girl as they were fully dressed in female attire.

It's a big shakeup for the sci-fi crime manga, as this will make Senju the first and only female in the series to lead a gang of boys.

However, there are several theories circulating that Senju is not in fact a girl, and that this is indeed another one of their clever plays. Fans have speculated that Senju is merely dressing up as a girl to avoid suspicion and detection in the crowd, or may be cross-dressing as a ploy to manipulate Takemichi into saving Mikey. This would line up with the long-running fan theory that Senju is in fact Mikey's long-lost brother.

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However, others are not convinced that this is Senju at all, with rumours suggesting that this is instead a secret twin sister.

We'll have to wait until the release of chapter 216 on 28th July to know for sure whether or not Senju is truly a girl - but either way, it seems this potential twist has sparked an awful lot of interest.

Is the Tokyo Revengers Manga finished?

Yes the Tokyo Revengers manga is still going - for now.

However, in May 2021 it was announced that Tokyo Revengers would be entering its final arc in June. However, story arcs have ranged from 44 to as many as 69 chapters, meaning that the popular manga may not end until well into 2022. This could be enough material for five seasons of the anime!

The next edition of the manga will be chapter 216, which is set for release on Wednesday 28th July 2021. International fans can read the English version on Kodansha.


Tokyo Revengers episode 17 will air on 31st July 2021. Check out the rest of our Sci-fi and Fantasy coverage or visit our TV Guide to see what’s on tonight.