FOX has revealed when The Walking Dead season 10 will resume in the UK, with the survivors trying to pull themselves back together after the Whisperers War.


The franchise is proving as difficult to kill as one of its signature zombies. Not only is Fear the Walking Dead continuing into a sixth season, with a second spin-off – World Beyond – coming next year, but the flagship is still going strong and is approaching a decade on-screen.

But what can we expect from part two of The Walking Dead season 10? Here's everything we know so far.

When do the final six episodes of The Walking Dead season 10 air?

After The Walking Dead season 10 finale screened in October, the final final six episodes have been delayed by the COVID-19 pandemic, and will now begin airing on Fox in the UK on Monday 1st March 2021.

Does The Walking Dead season 10, part 2 have a trailer?

Yep – you can watch the official FOX trailer teasing the new episodes below.

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Who is in The Walking Dead season 10 cast?

The 10th season features twelve series regulars, who are as follows:

  • Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon
  • Danai Gurira as Michonne
  • Melissa McBride as Carol Peletier
  • Christian Serratos as Rosita Espinosa
  • Josh McDermitt as Eugene Porter
  • Seth Gilliam as Gabriel Stokes
  • Ross Marquand as Aaron
  • Khary Payton as Ezekiel
  • Ryan Hurst as Beta
  • Samantha Morton as Alpha
  • Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan

'Also starring' credits go to Callan McAuliffe as Alden, Eleanor Matsuura as Yumiko, Cooper Andrews as Jerry, Nadia Hilker as Magna, Cailey Fleming as Judith Grimes, Cassady McClincy as Lydia and Lauren Ridloff as Connie.

Avi Nash appeared in the first eight episodes of season 10 as Siddiq, though the character was *SPOILERS* killed off in episode seven, 'Open Your Eyes'.

Lauren Cohan is also set to return to the show as Maggie Rhee – having last appeared in season nine, episode five, Cohan is rumoured to make her big comeback in the season 10 finale.

Joining The Walking Dead cast for the final six episodes is Robert Patrick (Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Perry Mason, Scorpion) as Mays and Hilarie Burton Morgan (One Tree Hill, Friday Night In with the Morgans) as Lucille, wife of Negan, and a new co-star Okea Eme-Akwari (Greenland, Cobra Kai) as Elijah.

What happened in The Walking Dead season 10, episode 8? Who died?

*SPOILERS* Having killed Siddiq to conceal his secret, Dante (Juan Javier Cardenas) is finally unmasked as a Whisperer spy – a furious Gabriel murdered Dante in his cell, while Rosita was forced to put down a reanimated Siddiq.

The Walking Dead season 10, episode 8
The Walking Dead season 10, episode 8 Jace Downs/AMC

Oceanside encountered a man named Virgil (Kevin Carroll), who offered to lead Michonne to his home on a naval base, promising weapons that could be used against the Whisperers.

Meanwhile, Gamma – whose real name was revealed as Mary – offered to lead Aaron to Alpha's horde in exchange for being allowed to see her nephew, which Aaron accepted. The horde is not where Mary claimed, though Aaron still believes she did not deliberately deceive him.

Alpha was pursued by Carol and friends, but the group became trapped in a cave – where Alpha is hiding her massive horde of walkers...

The Walking Dead season 10 spoilers: What will happen next?

This season will adapt material from issue #145 onward of the original Walking Dead comic book series, which recently came to an end after almost 16 years. Set several months after a number of the survivors were massacred during the community's fair, the new episodes will see the various communities unite to end the common threat posed by Alpha and the Whisperers.

It will also mark the final appearance in the series for Danai Gurira (Black Panther), who has played Michonne since the third season. Following months of rumours, she confirmed her departure in July 2019 at San Diego Comic-Con.

Danai Gurira as Michonne in The Walking Dead season 10
Danai Gurira as Michonne in The Walking Dead season 10 AMC

"I can confirm this is the last season I'll be on this amazing TV show as Michonne," Gurira said. "I would just like to say this has been one of the purest joys in my life. I am very, very thankful for the experience I've had in ways that I can't even express right now.

"My heart does not leave... it doesn't ever end, the connection between us never ends. It was a very difficult decision. It was about my calling and other things I feel called to... as a creator of work. All I'm filled with is a lot of pain about leaving and a lot of gratitude."

Speaking to, executive producer Denise Huth said that Michonne's exit "will ultimately be very satisfying and also raise a whole bunch of other questions."

It's not yet clear how Michonne will be written out of the series – in the hostile world of The Walking Dead, you'd be unwise to bet against a gruesome demise for the character, but then again, she may well survive in order to join her former beau, the MIA Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln), in his upcoming series of spin-off movies.

Speaking of which...

Will Andrew Lincoln return to The Walking Dead?

It was also confirmed at San Diego Comic-Con that Lincoln, who exited The Walking Dead as a series regular in 2018, will reprise his role of Rick in a series of movies heading for cinemas in the not-to-distant future. (It was announced at the time of his departure that Lincoln would eventually be back as Rick, but his return to the franchise taking place on the big-screen was BRAND NEW INFORMATION.)

Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes - The Walking Dead Season 9
Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes - The Walking Dead Season 9 Jackson Lee Davis/AMC

It's uncertain if or when he'll ever return to the cast of the original show, though plans are afoot to have Lincoln return to The Walking Dead in another capacity. He returned to set during season nine to shadow director Michael E. Satrazemis, with the intention of coming back to helm his own episode for season 10.

However, EW later announced that a scheduling clash has since ruled out Lincoln taking to the director's chair... at least this coming season.

“I would love for Andy to come back and direct,” Denise Huth told “He’s so tight with this crew, he understands the show so well… it is a beast, and I think it’s tough for people to come in and have this be the first thing that they really direct, but obviously he brings to the table an understanding that other first time directors would not have.”


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