Norman Reedus glitter-bombed Andrew Lincoln and it was beautiful

Daryl Dixon has a new weapon


We’ve seen Andrew Lincoln covered in many substances as Rick Grimes in The Walking Dead – zombie guts, blood, mud, blood, zombie guts. And now, thanks to his co-star Norman Reedus: glitter.


Reedus, who plays Walking Dead fan favourite Daryl Dixon, traded in his crossbow for a new weapon when he poured glitter into Lincoln’s air conditioner. When the zombie slayer turned on his car to drive home, sparkles flew everywhere, landing on Lincoln’s lap and sticking to his sweat.

Glitter attack successful ?

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“It’s still going, dude,” Lincoln says in a video Reedus uploaded to Instagram. “How much did you f***ing put in here?”

“I put so much in there,” Reedus answers between laughter. “Have a nice ride home in the heat, bro.”


Lincoln had better take care to comb out his hair, otherwise Rick might have a few sparkles stuck in his beard during his next zombie fight when The Walking Dead returns in October.