Neil Gaiman promises “VERY Doctor Who-ish” action in Good Omens

And no, it’s not just because David Tennant’s in it

Good Omens David Tennant

Doctor Who fans may have a lot to love about former series star David Tennant’s next role in Good Omens, with writer/showrunner Neil Gaiman revealing that he thinks his new show shares more than just a leading man with the BBC sci-fi series (which Gaiman also wrote two episodes for).


“There’s something VERY Doctor Who-ish about Good Omens, and not just because David Tennant is one of our stars,” Gaiman wrote in a Guardian webchat of the upcoming fantasy drama, which is based on his and Terry Pratchett’s co-authored novel of the same name.

“I suspect your ten year old would enjoy it when it comes out,” he added, in response to the prospective viewer’s concerns about letting her child watch the series.

“Parental Caution: it contains two bottoms, one of them Eve’s; three swear words; and a lot of maggots coming out of a telephone.”

Good Omens, which is set to be released on Amazon Prime this spring ahead of a BBC broadcast later this year, stars Tennant as a demon called Crawley, who teams up with an angel (Michael Sheen) in an attempt to avoid armageddon once the antichrist is placed in their care.

Featuring various historical figures and at least one episode that tracks Crawley and Sheen’s Aziraphale throughout human history, when it comes to visiting different points in time the series definitely bears some Doctor Who comparisons – though what other tonal similarities Gaiman’s referring to will probably remain a mystery until the series debuts.

Then again, there is a very subtle appearance from the Daleks in the book, so there might be more blatant crossovers than you’d expect..


Good Omens will stream on Amazon Prime this spring