Welcome back to Loki live...aka our blow-by-blow reaction to the latest episode of the Tom Hiddleston Disney Plus series, written in real time when the new episode drops online at 8:00AM BST. But that's a bit less catchy.

This live review has now concluded, but you can check out our take as it happened below.

Loki live blog review

Anyway, I think I'll love you and leave you at this juncture - lots to think about and process with this week's episode, and I'd better get back to thinking and processing.

See you again next week to meet the family...of lots and lots of different Lokis. Can't wait to see Tom Hiddleston's next deep romantic attachment to Richard E Grant. Toodles!

So much of what this show "is" got blown up in that episode, it's hard to see where it goes next. I guess Loki goes with his other selves to learn the truth, and Sylvie interrogates Renslayer? And Mobius is knocking about also?

The Loki self-love thing is also pretty strange, but I imagine it'll come back into play. Maybe that's what finally fractures the Sacred Timeline...the power of love! That'd be pretty funny.

The Time-Keepers as seen in Loki episode 1 (Disney Plus)

Anyway RIP Time-Keeprs, pouring one out for some real (fake) ones.

I still think all of Renslayer's problems would have been solved if they just...left them to die on that planet. Pretty unforced error there.

That was quite a wacky outfit Richard E Grant was wearing too. Big fan. Anyway, presumably this means that anyone who's been "pruned" isn't really dead, just in this other pocket dimension (including Mobius, maybe?)

Still doesn't answer who controls the TVA, though – who made the androids? At this stage I was thinking another Loki variant, but there must be more to it. Lots of fun theories coming up, I'll bet.

OK, there's footage in trailers of Loki beyond this point, including "President Loki" (below) so we certainly do have some more coming up. Maybe Sylvie finds more variants?

Oh wait...post-credits scene. Tom Hiddleston wakes up. "Is this hell? Am I dead?"

"Not yet" says Richard E Grant...alongside two other Loki variants played by Deobia Operai and Jack Veal! Ha, this show is so great. I'll forgive them for not really killing anyone off.

Man, if you skipped that post-credits scene you'd be kicking yourself.

Well, they have got through a lot in one episode. What will happen in the final two?

Oh damn...they killed our Loki! Er, what? This is pretty unusual. Maybe pruning doesn't really kill people? Somehow I don't think the final two episodes of the series will be sans Tom Hiddleston.

Anyway B-15 arrived to bust the Lokis loose, and now they're all having a big fight while the Time-Keepers just sort of sit around like Thanos, doing nothing. Maybe they are fake after all, a wizard of Oz type thing?

OMG I was completely right, haha. They're weird robots! Or "mindless androids". OK, the Time-Keepers are fake theory is back on!

Surely being born was Sylvie's Nexus event, if Loki isn't normally a woman? Hmm. Anyway, here are the friendly Time-Keepers. Some real Star Trek stuff here. All they brought them here to do was kill them? Bit of an error.

That was a great, shocking death. Really didn't see that one coming. Hope you find your jet skis in the next life, buddy.

Now Hunter B-15 is in Renslayer's sights as well. A LOT more is happening this episode. Now I think the Lokis are being taken straight to the Time-Keepers.

Mobius has now flipped so far, he wants to bring the TVA down. Is this real? Apparently they want to use their Loki love bond to break the Sacred Timeline. Unfortunately, Renslayer catches him in the act.

I gasped! Renslayer pruned him! RIP Mobius! That was genuinely quite shocking.

Owen Wilson and Tom Hiddleston in Loki episode one (Disney Plus)

We didn't get to see B-15's memories, but apparently they were happy. Meanwhile, Mobius is watching C-20's debrief.

"Calm down? I'm a variant. So are you. So is every single person in this place."

Renslayer might think she's convinced him, but Mobius has sneakily nabbed her TemPad so he can see what's going on.

Meanwhile, B-15 has taken her back to the Roxxcart time to ask about what she saw when Sylvie enchanted her. Her memories.

"You're variants. We're the same."

"Show me."

Mobius might finally get to meet the Time-Keepers! But he's still suspicious about Hunter C-20. "Something just seems a little off," he says. Ravonna says she's trying to protect him...which I think is a lie. Is Judge Renslayer the big villain here, playing Mobius with his own affections/motivations?

"Friends against time...allies to the end." That sounds like a fun 90s cartoon series.

Hunter B-15 still looks perturbed...and now she's taking Sylvie somewhere...does she suspect the truth?

Back to being beaten up by a starry cameo!

Loki telling Mobius the truth, at last! Sadly he's also told him about 50 lies, so it's unlikely to land. I reckon it'll cut through eventually.

Mobius lying that Sylvie was killed - and theorising that Loki's seismic narcissism caused him to fall in love with her. Which is a funny way of looking at it.

Right, on to the interrogation. Mobius and Loki playing chequers/chess, apparently. Just tell him the truth, Loki!

Ha, Loki is making stuff up, pretending he was hatching a plan the whole time. He claims Sylvie is a pawn. As if.

This is like a very specific kind of Groundhog Day, but instead of hooking up with Andi MacDowell Loki has to try and not get kicked in uncomfortable places

Sophia di Martino and Tom Hiddleston in Loki (Disney Plus)

Renslayer won't let Mobius work with Sylvie. I wonder if she had something to do with her escape...

The TVA is lying to you, Mobius!

Loki and Mobius have fallen out...calling him a "Folksy dope!" Throws him into a red door prison of some kind....where he's assaulted by Sif (Jaimie Alexander). Hey, Sif's back! And it's a loop of Sif beating him up for messing around with her hair.

Little tease of her for Thor 4?

I reckon these crazy kids will get off this planet somehow. Be a bit of a depressing episode if they didn't. Also I'm enjoying their dynamic a lot more this episode.

Anyway somehow Loki being nice has caused a major branch, and the TVA tracked them down. If you waited a few minutes lads, your problems would have been over!

Back on Lamentis, and OK this is the scene where people thought Loki was hanging out with Black Widow. Sorry, it's Sylvie!

Now she's looking back on her years in Asgard. "The universe wants to break free, so it creates chaos - like me being born the Goddess of Mischief."

Filling in the gaps – she basically caused Nexus Events wherever she went, because she's not supposed to exist. She grew up on "the ends of a thousand worlds." Oof.

Poor old Sasha Lane, aka Hunter C-20, is dead apparently. If Renslayer can be trusted...does learning the truth about your variant status drive you mad?

Well, so much for that "the Time-Keepers aren't real" theory – Renslayer went into their icy chamber so they can stare at her all spookily.

Nice callbacks to all the stuff that Loki went through in episode one. And that's how Sylvie escaped, presumably? The TVA are not nice people.

Gugu Mbatha-Raw as Judge Renslayer in Loki (Disney Plus)

Oh wow, we're in Asgard! They've abducted little girl Loki, who was just playing with her little toys...and it's Rensalyer doing the TVA business.

Previously on Loki....we're all doomed! And it looks like the TVA=Variants thing will be important.

Do I spy the episode landed early? Let's see if that'll work...it worked!

See, this is why I wait around like this at the beginning.

Also from our interview – Di Martino talks about Enchantress rumours, Doctor Who comparisons, leaks and much more. Check out the stories elsewhere on the site!

The reasons we think flashbacks are on the menu? A new featurette included footage of what looks to be a young Sylvie in her childhood - and also we actually asked Sophia di Martino in an interview last week, and she told us.

"You are probably going to learn more about Sylvie’s backstory, yeah," she said

"I’m excited to see what people think about that, and to see why she’s so angry with the TVA."

Will that be this week, next week or the finale? I'm hoping sooner rather than later.

Our heroes are low-key doomed

Hello again! We're back to live blog the fourth episode of Loki, which according to Tom Hiddleston himself is one of the weirdest and wildest episodes of the series. Considering what we've seen already, that could be some undertaking.

Anyway, we left off last week with Loki and Sylvie (Sophia di Martino) trapped on a doomed world after some tentative bonding, their final plan to fix their TemPad (sorry I kept spelling that wrong - I'll try subtitles this time) scuppered by an exploding spaceship.

Still, from previews we know the dynamic duo end up back in the clutches of the TVA, though what the Minutemen will think of the fact that they're secretly brainwashed variants themselves is anyone's guess. Frankly, we're just dreading Mobius' (Owen Wilson) disappointed face.

Oh, and we might get some Sylvie flashbacks apparently! Looking forward to that.

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