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John Barrowman doesn't know how Jo Martin fits into Doctor Who canon

The true identity of the new Doctor is a mystery – even to the Captain Jack Harkness actor

Jodie Whittaker and Jo Martin in Doctor Who on BBC One
Published: Tuesday, 28th January 2020 at 10:26 pm

Doctor Who fans the world over are speculating as to the true identity of Jo Martin's mysterious new incarnation – and Captain Jack Harkness actor John Barrowman is among them.


Is she an earlier Doctor than we've encountered before, from before William Hartnell's 'first' Doctor? A parallel universe version? From inbetween two established incarnations? Even Barrowman doesn't know the truth, as he revealed exclusively to

"I think it's a great idea... but is it really the new Doctor Who?" Barrowman said of Martin's casting, speaking on the red carpet at the National Television Awards 2020.

Asked if he had any advice for the new Doctor, he remained cautious. "I have no idea if it's that right yet – if it is and the times comes, I'll give her some advice then!"

Barrowman was sure about one thing, though – how he felt about the "phenomenal" response from fans to his recent Doctor Who comeback, with latest episode Fugitive of the Judoon seeing him return to the show as swaggering space hero Captain Jack Harkness after 10 years.

"If I can be slightly egotistical... I always knew it would happen!" he said. "It's just amazing that worldwide it blew up the internet, so I'm really chuffed by it."

Doctor Who showrunner Chris Chibnall, though, has suggested that Jack won't be back again for the remainder of this current series. "I've no idea!" Barrowman said when asked if he knew when we'd see him on the show again. "Captain Jack said that if the Doctor needs him, he will be there when she calls, so who knows?"

Interview by Flora Carr


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