Jodie Whittaker speaks out on her Doctor Who future as she films third series

The star says that "to even question an end point would be too upsetting".

Doctor Who Jodie Whittaker

Jodie Whittaker has revealed that she has no plans to end her Doctor Who tenure any time soon, claiming she “hasn’t even looked at another role” since she started playing the iconic character.


Speaking to The Telegraph, Whittaker said that she was looking forward to playing the Time Lord for the foreseeable future, while also opening up in her experiences in the role so far.

“To even question an end point [of Doctor Who] would be too upsetting,” she said, before explaining how her expectations of the part had already been surpassed.

“I had this idea that fame from Doctor Who would be like that Notting Hill image of Rhys Ifans [when he opens the front door to a horde of paparazzi] and it isn’t,” she explained. “If you bump into a Whovian, it genuinely makes both of your days.

“There’s something emotional, poetic and very humbling about being in the show, because you’re a tiny little jigsaw piece of something that is so precious to so many people.”

Whittaker took over the role from Twelfth Doctor Peter Capaldi after he left the show at the end of series 10, becoming the first woman to play the character in the show’s history.

She has now been in the role for two full series and has largely won praise for her performance – coming second place in a recent poll to determine the most popular Doctor, finishing narrowly behind winner David Tennant.


She will next be seen in this year’s Doctor Who Christmas special, Revolution of the Daleks, which will see her locked away in a high-security alien prison while her companions are forced to take on the newly redesigned Daleks.

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