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Benedict Cumberbatch to play Satan opposite David Tennant in Good Omens

The star will feature in the final episode of the series, which debuts on Amazon Prime Video in May

David Tennant and Benedict Cumberbatch, Getty
Published: Thursday, 14th February 2019 at 6:46 pm

The Sherlock star will play Satan in Neil Gaiman's six-part series, which is based on his novel of the same name with Terry Pratchett and set in 2018 as humanity prepares for the impending apocalypse. Needless to say, Cumberbatch's dark lord will prove somewhat important...

Speaking at the Television Critics Association winter press tour on Wednesday, Gaiman explained that Cumberbatch will voice “a giant, animated Satan” who is “400 foot high.” He will appear in episode six of the drama, which is set to launch on Amazon Prime Video on Friday 31st May 2019.

He joins up with leads Michael Sheen and David Tennant, who play an angel and a demon who aren't very excited about the end of the world, as well as Jon Hamm (as Archangel Gabriel), Frances McDormand (in an equally perfect role as God), Nick Offerman, Derek Jacobi, Jack Whitehall, Miranda Richardson and the League of Gentlemen's Mark Gatiss, Stephen Pemberton and Reece Shearsmith...

Gaiman also told press that the series is unlike anything that has come before it.

“Normally when people say, ‘What’s it like?’, what they really want is you to say something like, ‘It’s Casablanca in Space’ or whatever. They would like you to compare it to other things," Gaiman said when asked what the Good Omens adaptation will be like on screen.

"Good Omens from the start has been this thing where there’s no thing to compare it to," he said. "There’s never been anything like this thing, and we’re making it, so it’s itself. That is simultaneously incredibly liberating and terrifying.”


May can't come soon enough...


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