Don’t. Blink.


It’s official – Doctor Who fans have voted The Weeping Angels the scariest monsters ever to grace the BBC sci-fi series, beating out the likes of the Daleks, the Cybermen and many more terrifying beasties to be crowned the Doctor’s spookiest foe.

Picked from a shortlist of 20 monsters from across a half-century of Doctor Who stories, The Weeping Angels secured a whopping 35 per cent of the vote, over 20 per cent higher than runners-up the Daleks.

Around 5,000 fans voted in the poll, which also featured classic monsters like The Vervoids and The Wirrn alongside more modern baddies like The Dregs and The Foretold.

“Who knew a statue could be so scary? Well, Doctor Who fans did,” said Huw Fullerton,’s Sci-Fi & Fantasy Editor.

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“Ever since they first appeared on our screens in 2007 the Weeping Angels have had us quaking every time we see a statue on the high street and, 13 years on, it’s clear their impact is still being felt.

“For over 50 years Doctor Who has had the nation hiding behind their sofas – so perhaps it makes sense that the scariest monster of all is one you have to keep your eyes on at all times!”

Created by Steven Moffat for his one-off episode Blink, The Weeping Angels were introduced as quantum-locked “lonely assassins” who were frozen in stone when observed – but the second you turn your head, or blink, they’re able to move with lightning speed, zapping their victims back in time to feed on the temporal energy.

Following their debut the Weeping Angels became one of the most iconic Doctor Who monsters in recent years, returning for episodes like Flesh and Blood/The Time of Angels, The Angels Take Manhattan and for cameos in The God Complex, Hell Bent, The Time of the Doctor and short-lived Doctor Who spin-off Class.

Since their final onscreen appearance in 2016 (in the series finale of Class) the Angels have not appeared in Doctor Who – but despite this relatively long absence, they’re clearly still on Doctor Who fans’ minds ahead of more regular baddies like the Daleks and Cybermen.

The top 10 scary Doctor Who monsters as voted for by readers can be read below.

  1. Weeping Angels 35 per cent
  2. Daleks 13 per cent
  3. Midnight Creature 7 per cent
  4. Gas Mask zombies 7 per cent
  5. Vashta Nerada 6 per cent
  6. The Flood 5 per cent
  7. The Silence 5 per cent
  8. The Cybermen 5 per cent
  9. Mondasian Cybermen 5 per cent
  10. The Beast 2 per cent

Note: where similar percentages were recorded, the total number of votes has been compared to create the final order.


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