With Doctor Who's first anniversary special The Star Beast out now, fans are delving into the wealth of behind-the-scenes content - including some in-vision commentary from David Tennant himself.


The actor, who has returned to play the Fourteenth Doctor alongside Catherine Tate's Donna Noble, sat down with producers Phil Collinson and Vicki Delow to share on-screen commentary for The Star Beast.

During the special, The Meep, voiced by Miriam Margoyles, reveals itself to be a villain despite its adorable appearance and, during one cryptic moment, refers to "the boss".

While fans are in the dark about who that could actually refer to, some assumed it would be Neil Patrick Harris' Toymaker, who's set to appear in the third special, The Giggle - but a remark from Tennant has caused fans to wonder whether it's actually a villain set to face Ncuti Gatwa's Fifteenth Doctor.

Ncuti Gatwa
Ncuti Gatwa BBC/Bad Wolf

Commenting on that moment, Tennant asked Collinson and Delow: "Do you now know what this means?" to which both responded: "Yes."

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Tennant admitted: "I don't, still cryptic to me."

Delow pointed out: "You'll get to find out with all the viewers."

Tennant's confusion appears to suggest that the Meep's boss won't be revealed in the 60th anniversary specials and that, actually, that moment is part of a long game, setting up a character to be revealed in season 14, the first of Ncuti Gatwa's seasons.

The Star Beast, which has become the biggest drama launch of 2023, marked the beginning of three anniversary specials.

The second, titled Wild Blue Yonder, has been kept under wraps but fans were treated to an enigmatic trailer at the end of The Star Beast - and it all looks a little terrifying.

Doctor Who's second anniversary special Wild Blue Yonder airs at 6:30pm on Saturday 2nd December on BBC One and BBC iPlayer. Classic episodes are available on BritBox – you can sign up for a 7-day free trial here.

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