A former script editor for BBC One's Doctor Who has started a Kickstarter page to fund his comic mini-series about Gustave Lytton, a former enemy of the Doctor.


Eric Saward, who worked on Doctor Who from 1982 until 1986, is creating a four part noir comic LYTTON, which will follow the former Dalek mercenary and long-time companion Wilson as they run the Jazz Soirée Club in 1970's London.

"A classy affair in the otherwise seedy environment of Soho, the duo inevitably incurs the jealousy of the criminal underworld who want a piece of the action," the page description says.

"What rivals can't buy, they'll take. But every man has its price, and it's good business to be civil. After all, Lytton needs a rare piece of kit. Extra-terrestrially rare. But how far will he go to obtain it? London is about to find out."

Maurice Colbourne as Gustave Lytton in Doctor Who
Maurice Colbourne as Gustave Lytton in Doctor Who BBC

The Kickstarter campaign, which previews the first eight pages of LYTTON on its page, has raised over £794 so far, £116 more than the original fundraising goal.

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The comic's first issue is set to be published in August 2020, with subsequent issues following each quarter and illustrations drawn by artist Barry Renshaw.

Cutaway Comics, which is releasing the miniseries, promises a range of rewards depending on how much fans are willing to pledge, with those pledging £2 receiving a digital copy of Lytton, while £6 or more gets you a signed copy and a bonus DVD featuring video commentary.

Gustave Lytton first appeared in season 21 of Doctor Who in 1984, which starred Peter Davison as the Fifth Doctor. The mercenary, who worked for the Daleks and the Cryons, was played by stage actor Maurice Colbourne.

Lytton's last appearance in the long-running series was in an episode featuring the Sixth Doctor (Colin Baker), where the mercenary met his demise at the hands of the Cybermen.

If you're a fan of the 1980's Doctor Who character, you can donate to the LYTTON Kickstarter campaign here.


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