It’s fair to say that after an explosive entrance earlier this year Sacha Dhawan’s new take on the Master has been warmly embraced by Doctor Who fans, with longtime viewers of the BBC sci-fi series commending his performance as the evil Time Lord nemesis of the Doctor (Jodie Whittaker).


However, Dhawan has now confessed that he’s concerned this enthusiasm could wither away following series 12’s final episode The Timeless Children, hinting that his “unpredictable” Master could be about to do something very divisive.

“The fans have given me total ownership of it,” Dhawan told Radio Times in an exclusive series 12 finale interview. “It’s made me want to do more – if they ask me back, that is…

“It all depends on how episode 10 goes down,” he explained. “So far the fans like it, but the Master’s so unpredictable.

“I was doing some extra voice work a couple of weeks ago and I was watching the finale going ‘Wow – this is really dark.’”

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Later, when pressed, Dhawan said it was a specific new take on the Master’s personality that he was worried fans wouldn’t enjoy, though he wouldn’t be drawn on any more in-depth finale speculation.

“You know the Master has so many different sides,” he told us. “And you've seen a few of them only in two episodes, but [now] you'll really get to know who this guy is.

Sacha Dhawan as The Master in Doctor Who.

“It's whether or not they'll enjoy this facet of the character,” he concluded.

“Fingers crossed.”

Somehow, we feel like the fans will find plenty to love in whatever Dhawan and the Master have coming up.

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Doctor Who: The Timeless Children airs on BBC One at 6:50pm on Sunday 1st March