Doctor Who’s Christopher Eccleston returns for series 2 of audio adventures

The Ninth Doctor will be back for 12 new Big Finish audio adventures.

Doctor Who

Great news for Doctor Who fans! Christopher Eccleston is officially returning to voice the Ninth Doctor for another series of Big Finish adventures.


The new series of The Ninth Doctor Adventures will consist of 12 more episodes, which will be released throughout 2022 and 2023, with Eccleston once again reprising the role of the Time Lord.

Eccleston, who has been reluctant to return to Doctor Who in the past, surprised fans last year when his first batch of Big Finish adventures were announced. He recently revealed in a Dragon Con interview that a Doctor Who 60th anniversary return was “very doubtful”, but he confirmed he planned to continue with Big Finish audio adventures.

Speaking of the upcoming series, Eccleston said: “Just before Christmas in 2020, I walked into a small recording studio in an industrial estate in North London. Me and the sound engineer looked at each other and we smiled and said, ‘Let’s go!’ Then I started playing the Ninth Doctor again, and I loved it. It’s been one of the great joys for me of the past year. It’s a lovely way to do it, so I’m coming back to record more.”

Big Finish boss Jason Haigh-Ellery added: “I am so glad that Christopher has enjoyed his time with us so much that he has agreed to continue his travels in the TARDIS.  Bringing the Ninth Doctor back to the Doctor Who universe has been one of the few enjoyable parts of the past year and I am so glad that the adventures will continue!”

Producer David Richardson said: “I’ve spent most of my summer weekends sitting in the garden, iPad on my lap, reading the scripts for The Ninth Doctor Adventures – Series Two. Happy days indeed. No spoilers but expect emotional, character-based stories, and lots of adventure – going deep into Earth’s past and into the far future.”

Richardson also teased plot points for the next batch of adventures, saying: “From an old railway station to the seas of Titan, to a very unusual furniture store in the present day, it’s another trip of a lifetime – and I can’t wait to be back in the studio again in October, where we will bring these words to brilliant life. Recording the first season with Chris was one of my happiest times at Big Finish, and I feel privileged to be going back for more.”

Fans can pre-order each volume via the Big Finish website, with prices starting at just £19.99. There is also a limited edition gatefold triple LP vinyl format available.


Doctor Who will return to BBC One later in 2021 – visit our Sci-fi hub for more news and features or find something to watch with our TV Guide.