9 Doctor Who facts we learned from Matt Smith’s latest webchat

Female Time Lords, Doctor Who regrets and fish fingers with custard

6. Of course, he knows exactly what he’d do with a time machine


“I’d take the Tardis back to watch Blackburn win the league,” he mused.


“I’d go and see Oasis play in Chicago in 1994. I’d go and pick up Frank Sinatra. And Marilyn Monroe. Take em to see some dinosaurs. Hire a boat in the 30s, get Frank to sing. Drop him back off in the 50s. And take Marilyn to a nice hotel! With the dinosaurs outside.

“As to what I’d say to my old self, I’d say put a bet on Blackburn winning the League and start watching Doctor Who cos you might be in it one day and you’ve never watched it.”

7. But not who he’d back in a Tenth Doctor/Sherlock death match


Asked by a fan who he’d favour in a fight between Tennant and Cumberbatch’s fan-favourite characters, he said “God it would be a bloodbath!

“I dunno is the honest answer but I want a frontrow seat and I’ll fight the winner.”

8. It wasn’t easy to regenerate into Peter Capaldi


As Smith told a fan who asked if the process hurt, he replied “Yes. In all of my bones. And my two hearts.”

9. And most importantly of all, he actually does like fish fingers in custard


“Yes of course,” he said, “who wouldn’t? Are you insane?”

Good to know some things will never change.


Matt Smith can currently be seen in Unreachable at the Royal Court, London