After dodging the apocalypse at the end of season one, the failed superheroes of The Umbrella Academy begin season two of the Netflix drama in new and unusual straits, trapped in different periods of the 1960s in Dallas Texas after falling through time.


“It’s being taken out of the Umbrella Academy world, the only world we’ve seen so far, which is them inside the house and around that small town,” Tom Hopper, who plays super-strong Luther, told

“We’re now taking them into this whole new world where they’re going to be tested in different ways.”

“They have to, with no money in their pocket, make it work,” Robert Sheehan (who plays death-communing Klaus) added. “That’s what the siblings are dropped into.”

Over the course of 10 episodes, the Hargreeves siblings face new foes and challenges and have plenty of mysteries to unravel – but according the stars that’s just the start, with a third season (assuming it’s confirmed) bringing all seven members to yet another new setting.

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“The show is very very popular, so we’re optimistic,” Sheehan told us. “We’d love to keep the engines rolling.”

“Especially the way the season ends, I think there’s so many avenues there,” Hopper said.

“There’s a whole host of new characters potentially, and new relationships, and a whole new world again. That’s what I love about each season – it puts us into a whole new world and presses the reset button again, rather than just carrying on where we left off."

Of course, we’ll give no spoilers here – you’ll have to watch the whole season to see exactly what they’re talking about – but suffice to say there are plenty of exciting opportunities for new stories assuming the series returns. And while there are no plans to get the cameras rolling in the near future, the cast say they already have some idea of where season three would go.

“Well you know, we’re creative types,” Sheehan told “Certainly it would be absurd if we hadn’t sort of gone down the road of potential, in seeing what could be.

“At this point it’s all what could be. It’s all how things may go. And then you start basically dumpstering all sorts of concepts and ideas, coming at you, to Big Steve [Blackman] our boss man.”

In other words, the future of the Umbrella Academy TV show is as bright as the future of the Umbrella Academy members is dark. For this show, that sounds about right.


The Umbrella Academy season two streams on Netflix from Friday 31st July. Looking for something else to watch? Check out our guide to the best series on Netflix and best movies on Netflix, or visit our TV Guide.