Sarah Paulson will make a return to Ryan Murphy's American Horror Story in the upcoming tenth season — and she's set to play a "central character".

A frequent star in the FX anthology horror series, Paulson was missing from the most recent season, titled 1984, but has revealed that she will be returning in the upcoming season.

“I can confirm that I will be in next season,” Paulson told TheWrap. “I have no idea what it will be… But I’m not coming back as a guest part, I will be a central character.”

The news follows the announcement that American Horror Story has been renewed for a further three seasons, taking the show up to 13 seasons in total.

Asked whether she would also appear in the next three upcoming seasons, Paulson said: “God willing, I have no idea. But I do know that I did ask Ryan, if the question was asked to me, could I say that I was coming back? And he said, ‘Yes, you can say.’ So yes, I will be back on American Horror Story.”

Although it's not yet known (apparently not even by Paulson herself) what part the actress will play, there's already speculation that she will reprise her role as Cordelia Goode, after Murphy previously revealed that the witches would return in a future season.