Maisie Williams “would love” to spoil the end of Game of Thrones

The Arya Stark actor's fantasy of dropping a huge spoiler on a fan is even more brutal than the Red Wedding

Maisie Williams as Arya Stark, HBO, TL, Sky pics

Although Game of Thrones has gone to great lengths to avoid spoilers leaking ahead of its season eight finale, Maisie Williams still really, really wants to give the plot away.


In fact, the Arya Stark actor has said it’s one of her fantasies to reveal the show’s ending in the most brutal fashion.

Speaking on BBC’s The One Show with hosts Matt Baker and Angela Scanlon about how the cast keep the show’s plot under wraps, Williams said, “We’ve got better at it, as it’s become more important to keep secrets. But also, I know what it’s like for someone to spoil my favourite TV show!”

She added: “I would love to just turn around to a fanatical fan one day and ruin the ending of the show. Watch their face. That would be fun!”

However, Williams didn’t subject Baker and Scanlon to such a reveal and only smiled when asked if Arya would make it to the final episode.

Plus, Williams didn’t offer any hints when series eight would air in 2019, only saying it would happen in “the right season” – which we’re really hoping doesn’t mean a wait until winter.

We do know a little already about Arya’s exit, however. Earlier this year, the actor revealed she’d shot her final scenes for the show with a picture of her blood-soaked trainers.

“Goodbye Belfast,” Williams wrote in the photo’s caption. “Goodbye Arya. Goodbye Game of Thrones. What a joy I’ve had. Here’s to the adventures to come.”

Still, however grim her exit will be, it’s probably less devastating that spoiling the finale to an unsuspecting fan.


Game of Thrones returns to HBO, Sky Atlantic and Now TV in 2019

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