The world of My Hero Academia – which it's recently been confirmed will return for season 7 – revolves around the typically light and colourful escapades of Izuku Midoriya as he manoeuvres UA High School.


The world renowned shonen is action-packed with each main cast member having their own unique quirks, but the narrative does touch on darker storylines.

Izuku Midoriya, commonly known as Deku, faces his challenges head on with his friends by his side. The theme of unity and companionship that runs through the series is prominent, which is why his internal struggle felt like a spanner in the works.

His journey to becoming a hero was made easier after he managed to control the powers of One for All. Though his strength was intensified, it appeared a dark, evil power slowly took over his body.

As the series progressed, fans were concerned over whether or not Deku would be able to remain the cheery student we know him as, or if he'd eventually turn to the dark side and lose all sense of his former self.

Why does Deku become a villain?

Deku in My Hero Academia. Funimation

The concerns surrounding Deku grew after he awoke his new quirk Black Whip, originally belonging to Daigoro Banjo, one of the inheritors of One for All. Deku was unable to control its powers and its generally dark and intimidating image didn't help his case.

Viewers saw Deku unconsciously activate Black Whip and lash out at his classmates, unable to reel it in. An interesting point of the quirk is that the tendrils it produces are controlled by the user's emotions, which raises questions of why Deku is so internally troubled.

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By the end of chapter 317 (Dark Hero Arc), Deku had the makings of a villain in both power and appearance. He became exhausted and angry with himself for his actions, only strengthening Black Whip's powers.

What are Deku's seven quirks?

Deku's quirks are:

  • One for All
  • Transmission
  • Fa Jin
  • Danger Sense
  • Black Whip
  • Smokescreen
  • Float

Does Deku lean into the villain image?

My Hero Academia
My Hero Academia. Crunchyroll

Deku does everything in his power to stop the dark energy taking over. After the confrontation at the Paranormal Liberation Front, he became Tomura Shigaraki's main target. Knowing this, he decided something had to be done to protect his friends from the conflict.

He left UA to prevent anyone else getting involved, but his sudden disappearance didn't go down well. With only a note in place to explain his new quirk, his image takes a further dip.

Luckily for Deku, his classmates knew the light inside of him was still there and decided to search for clues about where he ran off to.

When does Deku become a fully fledged villain?

After his appearance and emotions take a turn, bystanders assume the worst. Despite going out of his way to help his citizens, Deku can't shake the dark undertones his new quirk carries.

In the My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission movie, Deku is certainly framed as a villain. He's falsely accused of mass murder by Otheon’s chief of police and is forced to go into hiding with Rody Soul.

By the end of the movie, they both manage to clear their names and remove their villain image. Deku regroups with his classmates in an emotional reunion, but the sinister power of Black Whip still lingers in his system.

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