Dappy has got a hashtag tattooed onto his face. Why, you may ask? "2 make sure IT stays trending 4 ever," apparently. The N-Dubz singer certainly started as he meant to go on, announcing his latest inking via Twitter and posting a photo of the tiny tatt. Let's hope for Dappy's sake that rumours of Twitter removing their hashtag function prove to be false. That could be awkward.


Alexandra Burke caused a Twitter storm after sharing a snap of her latest tattoo, which reads “love & loyalty” across her collarbone. After the seemingly poor use of her camera flash, the ‘t’ appeared to be missing from the word loyalty. The singer later cleared up the mishap with a brighter photo, telling her critics to “chill out”

But some celebs haven’t been so lucky, and continue to sport error-filled tattoos…

Hayden Panettiere

Nashville sweetheart Hayden Panettiere has a line of words inked down the left side of her back. The text should read ‘vivere senza rimpianti’ meaning ‘live without regrets’ in Italian, but an extra ‘I’ was added to rimpianti, leaving Panettiere living with at least one regret – choosing the wrong tattoo artist.


Rihanna is steadily adding to her tattoo collection, but one on the left hand side of her neck caught the attention of those well versed in the French language. Rihanna’s tat says “rebelle fleur”. It’s thought Rihanna wanted a tattoo that said rebellious flower, but with the adjective and the noun the wrong way around – according to French gramma rules – she ended up with flower rebel. Rihanna reportedly said it is what she wanted. When it comes to what a flower rebel is, your guess is as good as ours. Answers on a postcard.

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Ashley Greene

Life would be a dance for Twilight actress Ashley Greene, if she’d put a little more thought into her grammar that is.

The actress failed to check whether there was an apostrophe in the tattoo that’s inked on her foot, leaving her with the incorrect inscription, “Lifes a dance”. Luckily she can easily add an apostrophe in – if she gives two hoots that is.

David Beckham


With so many tattoos it was only a matter of time before one went wrong, wasn’t it? Apparently David had his wife Victoria’s name inked on the inside of his left arm (you can still just about make it out among the rest of his sleeve) in Sanskrit. It’s thought to be mistranslated and actually reads ‘Vihctoria’, although some experts defend David’s spelling.