The Voice’s AJ Odudu reveals live show filming plans after lockdown: “I’m poised and ready”

The presenter is ready to film the live shows.

AJ Odudu

The Voice Kids will return to ITV for a fourth series this Saturday July 11th, with lots of pint-sized talent taking to stage in a bid to turn the red chairs of, Danny Jones, Pixie Lott and new coach Paloma Faith.


Fans will get to enjoy all the fun from the auditions, which were filmed pre-lockdown.

It’s a nice distraction for fans of the franchise, who are currently waiting for the semi finals and the finals for The Voice UK, and according to AJ Odudu who films backstage for the main show and The Voice Kids, the all-important date hasn’t been set yet.

Speaking exclusively to, she said: “Everything’s still in the air. We’ve still got the main show – The Voice finals and semi-finals to film, so who knows maybe we’ll film them altogether. Maybe we won’t. I literally have no idea but I’m poised and ready for when that day comes.”

Due to social distancing restrictions, many shows which are audience-based have had to cancel production, or have returned to filming without a live studio audience.

So, will this be the same for The Voice?

“I mean this is just complete speculation, but I imagine that maybe we’re not going to have the audience that we would usually have and maybe we’re going to be spaced apart. Maybe we’ll have to be less hands on with our colleagues and contestants,” AJ explained.

The presenter hopes the possible changes won’t have an affect on viewers’ interest in the show, adding: “In terms of viewing but I think maybe it will be a great thing. We haven’t seen much new things and I think it’s going to be nice to see something fresh and new that isn’t done via Skype or been recorded.”

The Voice kids coaches, Paloma Faith, Pixie Lott and Danny Jones (ITV)

Last year, AJ was announced as the new backstage reporter on The Voice, taking over from presenter Vick Hope and reuniting with her former Big Brother co-star Emma Willis – who she worked with during her stint as a presenter on Big Brother’s Bit On The Side in 2013.

Now back for a second year on the ITV show, AJ tells us she’s hoping to make this year a similar success.

“It was brilliant filming. We did it before the shut down of the whole world so it was great. There’s lots of talented kids, a team that I’m familiar with and really excited to work with all the time and then I was introduced to Paloma Faith who is literally incredible,” she gushed.

“I guess the first year was me finding my feet and getting to know everyone and doing a really good job in that respect, and then my second season back has been about solidifying those bonds that I’ve made and yeah just really having a lot of fun with them.”

Speaking of fun… last year Emma and AJ went head-to-head in a hilarious rap battle on The Voice UK stage.

However, it doesn’t sound like they’ll be going for round two.

When asked whether we’ll be seeing more of their rapping skills, AJ laughed: “Oh my god, I hope not!”

But that’s not to say the girls haven’t got some new tricks up their sleeves, as she added: “Me and Emma have been very musical this year. We’ve been singing together and we’ve learnt to play the piano together a tiny bit. And yeah she’s always great fun to work with.”

We look forward to seeing it, ladies!


The Voice Kids begins on Saturday July 11th at 7.25pm, ITV.To see what else is on, have a look at our TV Guide.