You may have sat down to tune into today's episode of Tenable on ITV and noticed that the episode is missing from the TV schedule.


Hosted by Sally Lindsay, who took over from longtime host Warwick Davis in 2021, the gameshow usually airs at 3pm.

However, on Monday 24th October, it was replaced with Ranvir Singh's new entertainment show Riddiculous.

So, why isn't Tenable on? And when will it return?

Why isn't Tenable on TV?

Tenable has been replaced by Riddiculous, which is hosted by Ranvir Singh.

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During the hour-long episodes, three teams of two will go head-to-head answering a series of quick-fire general knowledge questions before facing mind-bending riddles to win even more cash.

Riddlemaster and co-host Henry Lewis (The Play That Goes Wrong) will challenge the contestants and viewers with verbal and visual riddles - and the more the players solve, the more money they bank.

The team with the most money will go through to the endgame, Henry’s Riddle Run, where they race against the clock to solve rebus riddles. If successful, they will tackle one final riddle where players are offered a chance to double their money or go home with absolutely nothing.

Throughout the year, ITV divides the 3pm slot between the likes of Tenable, Lingo and other shows, such as last year's Winning Combination.

So, Tenable is scheduled to return to ITV in the not too distant future.

When will Tenable return?

Tenable fans are in luck, as the show is due to come back in spring 2023.

Until then, viewers can enjoy a series of gameshows which will air in the daytime slot on ITV.

For the latest scheduling updates, see our TV Guide.


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